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KOKORO CONNECT ANIME REVIEW Reviewed by katmic on Feb. 1, 2013. katmic has written 16 reviews. His/her last review was for Now and Then, Here and There. 8 out of 15 users recommend his reviews.

SO i just finished Kokoro connect. It's strange how this little anime managed to hold my attention for so long, to the point that i covered it in about three or so days. Then again it was only 13 episodes.

Anyway, Kokoro connect is described as a supernatural, romance, drama; personally i would describe it a whole load of drama off set by a tiny bit of supernatural occurrences.

Basically you have a group of six high school friends (they are always in high school) forced into a single rather ambiguously described club because they had failed to make a choice among those already available. Through their experiences and activities as a club they develop a sort of bond.

one day something happens; two of the club members, Aoki and Yui have a dream where they apparently exchanged bodies. While trying to convince the rest of their friends that the incident was much more than a dream, it happens again, and again, each time lasting no more than ten minutes.

And it is here that we are introduced to heartseed, a strange supernatural creature that interacts with them by possessing those around them, usually there bored 'i want to be cool with the kids' teacher,Goto. Basically it is responsible for the body switching, the reason being that the six are very interesting people and that it intends to see what will happen.

What happens after would be fairly predictable if not for the unique characters created in the six friends, and the dangers they are unintentionally faced with, the result of which is to allow the youngsters to not only learn about each other, but to better analyze their inner selves and how their individual personalies can best complement each other.

First is Taichi who inaba, another club member, describes as a selfless freak; one that will not stand to see others suffer and who will throw everything away, even his own life to save the first stranger he comes across. This personality proves to be a greater hindrance later on, when heartseed initiates a new occurrence that unleashes all of their innner desires for a few minutes each time. Taichi is basically left wondering how safe selfless his desires are if he is willing to hurt one person just to save another.

Inaba is strong, calm, collected and analytical, able to bring a sense of control to each situation; she is responsible for keeping the other members of the club safe during he supernatural occurrences. What she doesn't reveal is her own uncontrollable fear for the future. She sees danger everywhere and soon finds her self drifting away from her friends, after all, it could only end in disaster. As the series picks up speed, she is forced to contend with the fear that she would eventually end up alone again, especially when she admits that she doesn't trust any of her friends with her body.

Inaba's inner struggles are further compounded during the second occurence, when her desires regarding taichi begin to emerge.

Iori is president of the club but only in name, as she does pretty much what inaba says. She plays the basic popular girl, super smart, always cheerful and always their to aid her friends. Her demons emerge in the form of her mother and the several abusive fathers she has had to endure. The consequences of the supernatural occurences have Iori questioning who she is. She has always had to fake her persoonality to make others happy, especially her mother and many fathers. Now she can't help but worry that she has lost her true self.

Iori finds solace in Taichi, primarily due to Inaba's meddling, who, it later turns out, has her own reasons for forcing the connection.

Lastly is Yui and Aoki. Aoki is carefree, energetic and high on life. This stems from an earlier incident that saw a girl he knew die, an incident that forced him to reevaluate life and choose to enjoy it to the fullest. Yui spends most of the show repelling Aoki's constant confessions of love. The personality changes reveal to the others that Yui has a great fear of men, due to an incident that occurred years ago, and this doesn't help Aoki's case.

okay basically this show is as sappy as they get; but it is also funny and a quick watch. You don't have to hang on every word to keep up with the plot. And the characters are enjoyable, especailly Inaba and her take charge attitude.

This is only the second show of this shoujo like genre i have watched, aside from Ano Hana.

The irritations? We never find out who the hell heartseed is, or his second version.I like the idea that he makes it clear that he wants to see something interesting happen; and he goes so far as to show them the consequences of them simply staying locked up until it all ends. Basically heartseed forces the characters to face their demons even if they don't want to; so it's kind of hard for the story to slow down.

There are no entire minutes of characters just sitting around and mopping. Heartseed wouldn't allow that because that would be boring and bad things would happen.

Basically it is like big brother but in the real world.

I wasn't happy with the third supernatural occurrence, where some of the characters would regress to their child selves. I get the idea that it allowed the characters to see what they were like at an earlier age, such as Aoki calling Yui by the name of someone else who looked like her. But it seemed a bit silly sometimes.

Fact is, i know i enjoyed this show but i only watched 13 episodes out of an 18 episode anime (it's all i have) and i know that if i got my hands on those episodes i wouldn't rush to watch them (if i would even watch them).

I am not saying that i am changing my mind about whether or not this show is good; i am saying that once i stopped watching it, i am suddenly not as interested.But i will recommend it.

Kokoro is a japanese light novel written by Sadanatsu Anda, with illustrations by shiromizakana (artist for kyoto animation), published in january 2010 and is currently ongoing. A manga adaptation was released in october 2010.

An anime adaptation directed by Shinya Kawamo was released between july and september 2012, by silver link, the studio that did Bakamonogatari, Kurokami, Usagi Drop, Sket dance, brave 10, medaka box (don't get it) and shakugan no shana final (crap!!)

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