Koihime Musou Bounces Back to TV

Topic started by gia on Feb. 23, 2009. Last post by Sonata 6 years ago.
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I have a confession to make: I never watched Koihime Musou. I can't catch even just the first episode of EVERYthing, try though I might. Koihime Musou is a mainstream anime that was adapted from an eroge that was set in ancient China and featured a modern-day Japanese youth who gets sent back in time...kind of like a pornographic reverse Fushigi Yuugi.

Anyway, apparently the anime was popular enough to warrant a sequel, which was just announced in a television ad. Luckily for us, Zepy has found a YouTube copy of the ad, so you can see it for yourself.


The title of the new anime will be Shin Koihime Musou ("New Koihime Musou"...creative, that). What do you think? Did you watch the first season? Will you watch the second? I admit that the colorful designs appeal to me, even if the story sounds so-so...

Post by Void_Wizard (735 posts) See mini bio Level 9
I dropped it since it couldn't hold my interest and that's a very lame name for the second season, lol.
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Well i liked this one lol it was one of the few 2008 anime i actuallly wanted to see for sure and a second season/new series sounds cool altough i think your right about the title they could have no they should have done better.
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please, don't got all serious. I love all that silly moment in the first series.
Post by Sonata (36,208 posts) See mini bio Level 20
I never got to see the first season(I will) but I'm still interested in watching it.
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