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Koi Kaze is a 2004 anime series featuring anime production by ACGT that tells the story of a Koshiro Saeki, a 27-year-old who falls in love with Nanoka Kohinata, his 15-year-old estranged sister.


Wedding planner Koshiro Saeki is dumped by his girlfriend over commitment issues and ends up on a date with 15-year-old schoolgirl Nanoka. He finds himself falling for her, only to discover, to his horror, that she is his sister. Estranged from his mother for the 14 years following his parents' divorce, Koshiro has all but forgotten about his sibling, but now he is forced to pretend that nothing has happened between them when Nanoka moves in with him and his father.

As Koshiro and Nanoka struggle to behave like "normal" brother and sister once more, Koshiro is filled with self-loathing. He even goes to visit his mother for the first time in years to see if she can help him find answers, though there are no answers he wants to hear. He and Nanoka are brother and sister, and that's how they must love each other, if their story is not to have a tragic and sinful end. Meanwhile, Koshiro's state of mind leads to overreactions to otherwise everyday events. His lecherous work colleague Odagiri asks if Koshiro can set him up with his sister, while a female coworker Chidori sometimes appears like an older, more socially acceptable clone of his sister.

Despite sounding like the setup for a hundred erotic anime, Koi Kaze is nothing of the sort. It's a serious, well-written TV show about forbidden love, drawing for inspiration not on anime but on several recent live-action dramas-High School Teacher (*DE), Strawberry on the Shortcake (*DE), and, at a more superficial level, Wedding Planner (*DE). It deals, of course, with many of the subliminal themes and rationalizations of Lolita Anime, but also with the impossible relationship that has been a staple of TV anime since Urusei Yatsura and Marmalade Boy. Based on a manga by Motoi Yoshida.

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General Information Edit
Name Koi Kaze
Name: 恋風
Romaji: Koi Kaze
Publisher Geneon Entertainment, Inc.
Start Year 2004
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Aliases Love's Zephyr Love's Wind
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