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The Sometimes Funny, Sometimes Touching, Sometimes Dramatic Moments with Sana Kurata and Akito Hayama.


Sana Kurata is an energetic 11-year old girl who is a sixth grade elementary school student and a popular actress on the TV comedy series, Kodocha. While her home life is pleasant with her eccentric mother/ successful author Misako and her manager/ boyfriend Rei Sagami, things are not so good at school as Sana's classroom is in complete chaos with the boys in her class regularly making trouble being led by troublemaker Akito Hayama. As Sana does what she can to stop her classroom troubles and Akito's mischief, she eventually comes to realize that the tragic home life of her class' "boss monkey" might be what is driving him to wreck havoc in school.

The trouble doesn't end there as Sana helps Akito with his problems they develop a fondness for each other. Soon Akito takes quite a liking to her while Sana stays oblivious to his feelings.

Together they solve each others problems untill the reach middle school where things start to get interesting. Here Akito falls in love with a new character Fuuka. Unlike Sana Fuuka isn't oblivious to her feelings and starts to date Akito.

Akito accepts her as a new Sana but when Sana leaves to a musical in New York with Naozumi.

Akito shows his true feelings during Sana departure as he gives her a last good-bye showing his true feelings that Sana's heart simply can't deal with.

As the love between Naozumi and Sana grows stronger she still can't resist the feelings she has. When Naozumi finally finishes all the problems he had with his family members in New York peace is finally restored. But the minute they get back to Japan things get interesting again.


When popular sixth grader Sana Kurata goes to school whet usual problem does he encounter. We all know that after school she is a young tv show celebrity but what about in her school life?

Unlike most sixth graders she deals with a tight schedule and no play time but at school there is one thing she can't stand Akito Hayama. The bad boy at school. He simply can't stay out of trouble. When Sana devises a plan to fix all that does she make it better or worse. After a struggle she finally gets somewhere with Hayama but does this extra attention that Hayama is getting a good thing or a bad thing? Or will something truly heart-warming come from it.


Sana Kurata

A sixth grader that is not only hyper, stubborn, exciting, optimistic and very busy but she tends to act older then she is. Solving adult problems that usually take time I a scramble if words with most of her solutions confronting difficulties but in the end they reach the best ending.

Akito Hayama

Akito is a classmate in Sana's class and everyday causes trouble for both teachers and students. But Sana already knows there is more to Akito then it seems. Akito is sporty, tough, cool, morel and a little playboyish. But as soon as he meets Sana that all changes. Through out this series he becomes the kind, intelligent, loyal and of course falls for the girl that changed his life.

Characters & Voice Actors

Hayama, Akito
Jewell, Jerry
Nakazaki, Tatsuya
Kurata, Sana
Bailey, Laura
Oda, Shizue
Kurata, Misako
Clinkenbeard, Colleen
Ohki, Tsuyoshi
Ayres, Greg
Scianca, Patrizia


Cook, Justin
Watson, Barry
Daichi, Akitarou
Sakurai, Hiroaki
Series Credits
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General Information Edit
Name Kodocha
Name: こどものおもちゃ
Romaji: Kodomo no Omocha
Publisher Studio Gallop
Start Year 1996
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Aliases Child's Toy
Kodomo no Omocha
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