Kodansha to Manga Site: PLZ2B Ceasing and Desisting, KTHX

Topic started by gia on Sept. 18, 2009. Last post by Monkeynohito 5 years, 5 months ago.
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 Negima! is a Kodansha title.
 Negima! is a Kodansha title.
Word on the AstroNerdBoy blog (via MangaBlog) is that Kodansha has reportedly issued a cease and desist order to Manga Helpers, a scanlation-reading site, ordering them to remove all "raw scans" of Kodansha titles. The AstroNerdBoy report (the only I can find on the matter at this time) refers only to raws, but Manga Helpers has apparently taken down both raws AND scanlations.

ANB elects not to chastise scanners, but seems to think that the biggest problem is the scans coming out early (prior to their release in Japan, that is), rather than the actual piracy itself. Of course, one must remember that in Japan, the cheap "phonebook" mangabon don't always operate at a huge profit margin, existing to some extent to sell tankobon. ANB does, however, beg fans to try and practice "a little common sense and common courtesy" to Japanese publishers by not scanning the chapters so damn early.

Honestly, I don't want to get preachy, but it does seem like "common courtesy" would also include not distributing someone else's work to others for free...just sayin'.
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I was wondering if a japanese publisher would do something about MH. There was a thread there that stated that 46% of the visitors there are from japan (obviously for the raws). Even so, this isn't gonna help much. I think most of the raws are from ShareDB or some other japanese sharing site. The japanese pirates would just go there or raw-paradise or something. 
If this somehow stops the already slow Saru Lock releases, I will hurt someone.
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Unfortunately, like all forms of online piracy, this will have little effect on their problem.  The content is going to be distributed whether they like it or not.  If people want something online, they'll find it. (eventually)
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Or they'll have the deceny not to be jerks,  wait, and buy the darned book, or otherwise get it through official channels that are decidedly less scummy [seriously, there's tons of free manga at the library- your taxes are paying for it. Though helping out your favorite artists book sales is always a good thing :) ] 
My slight irk at all this is all the people reading professional artists work for free without their consent, when there's gobs of amateur\ and professional webcomics giving you the consent, as well as operations like VIZ's online manga offerings  or Tokyopop's previews that seek to give you translated japanese manga for free. I imagine people wanna read what they wanna read, but it's not like if scans disappeared from the internet there wouldn't be free comics to read. It'd also be guilt free [though again, artists appreciate it when you through them a few bucks. We don't live off "like"]
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I like being able to read a manga series online. It doesn't stop me from buying the mangas when they are released in the US. Reading online gets me hooked ona  series and I look forward to the manga.
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The problem with scans isn't that someone can get whatever they want on-line for free, so they may as well do it. It's that line of thought that says wanting very badly to read a series as soon as possible and tracking down scans of every doujin based on the series and filling up 50gigs of Drive space of pics of the characters you /r/ed off 4chan is somehow anything resembling actual fan support. I read an anecdote not too long ago from someone who helps with translation for Japanese guests at cons and they'd have people come up and say how they read this or that on-line like it's something to be proud of.
Anime/manga fans like this need to start being less tacky and quit whinning like dogs when people call out their BS.
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