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At San Diego Comic Con 2014 (July 26), Kodansha announced that it licensed Yamada and the Seven Witches and Let's Dance a Waltz. For Yamada and the Seven Witches, it was available on Crunchyroll's simulpub back in 2013 (see Crunchyroll is streaming Manga with Kodansha as their Partner).

Check these manga series out!

Yamada and the Seven Witches
  • Written and illustrated by Miki Yoshikawa
  • Ran in the Weekly Shonen Magazine
The story of Miki Yoshikawa's original "love x kiss x comedy" manga begins when Yamada, the high school's worst problem child, bumps into the beautiful honor student Shiraishi on the stairs, and their lips touch as they fall. When they regain their wits, they realize that they have swapped bodies. As time progresses, the two realize that this is not the only mysterious happening in the school.
Let's Dance a Waltz
  • Written and illustrated by Natsumi Ando
  • Ran in the Nakayoshi shōjo manga magazine
The manga revolves around a boy who has lost interest in ballroom dancing for a certain reason and is instead distracted by the latest dancing fad, and a plain girl who has a hidden desire to change herself. The two youths who were destined to meet grow into adulthood together through ballroom dancing.


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I needed to take a break from my job and my work on Anime Vice. Today, I receive the first part of my order from Right Stuf.

There was a Kondansha sale off at Right Stuf when I was doing Quick Picks last month. I'm not much of a big spender due to the wage I earn working at the family business. While I tend to buy manga that I'm familiar with, I didn't see much new titles that grabbed much attention excluding Vinland Saga. I previewed first before buying, but it was too late when the sale off ended midnight. I ended buying Vinland Saga at Anime Expo via Kodansha booth.

Got Vinland Saga at Anime Expo
Got Vinland Saga at Anime Expo

The Missions of Love books are for my little sister who loves that series. Haven't read it yet. It doesn't seem like the type of manga I'm into. I bought three Attack on Titan manga: Attack on Titan No Regrets, Before the Fall, and Junior High. I used to read Attack on Titan manga via Crunchyroll's simulpub before I decided to postpone it for the anime's return. I didn't buy new volumes since I'm paying for the subscription. I'm excited to read manga in physical copy since I usually read online. I'm curious to see Levi's back story as well finding out what's Before the Fall is all about. Junior High seems fun to read after two drama heavy Attack on Titan books.

Purpose of this thread is to not show off manga collection or what I bought. Part of this is promote buying manga and anime legally to promote the industry and to encourage folks to show off their collection, too. I write the Quick Picks every week, telling everyone to not resort to piracy if possible. You have folks in Anime Vice outside of the states where licensing of anime and manga titles are scarce or not available. Giving them hope and motivation to support the industry. Also, this is part of 's project called "My Collection." Back then, I was asking my teammates for new ideas to boost the forum activity. Kelleth suggests doing blogs showcasing collection of anime, manga, and memorabilia. Kelleth loves showing off his collection on Twitter. I haven't done a proper blog for that project.

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Hello guys and gals! I got good news. I'm just going to quote the article instead of rewriting it. (I'm running out of time).

Starting Wednesday, October 30, Crunchyroll will begin digital distribution of twelve (12) Kodansha manga titles via a new service called "Crunchyroll Manga", including Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, and Space Brothers, offering content to 170 countries, including the USA and UK, on the same day as release in Japan.


I forgot to include this info. Thanks to Daniel for pointing out:

**Free users, and non-manga members will only be able to read the latest chapters with ads until the next chapter is simulpubbed. Manga members will have access to all manga including catalog titles. Crunchyoll Manga is included free with a Crunchyroll All-Access membership.**

2nd Edit:

Japanese financial news source Nikkei reports that subscribers will pay US$4.99 a month for full access to 12 titles on October 30, with the catalog expanding to over 50 titles by next summer.


List of Manga Titles

These 12 titles below will be available on launch day.

Attack on Titan” by Hajime Isayama

A dramatic action-adventure where humans must battle mysterious giants for survival. Currently one of Japan’s most popular manga, it has recently inspired a hit anime streaming on Crunchyroll now.

Fairy Tail” by Hiro Mashima

A guild of wizards-for-hire use their skills in an age of magic and wonder.This ongoing manga series, created by Hiro Mashima, has also been adapted into a popular anime series.

Space Brothers” by Chuya Koyama

Award-winning manga about two siblings struggling to fulfill their childhood dreams to become astronauts. Inspired an anime series now streaming on Crunchyroll as well as a live-action movie.

UQ Holder!” by Ken Akamatsu

From the creator of “Negima!” comes this fantasy set in a future where the existence of magic has transformed the world and a boy named Tota must leave his home village on the path of adventure.

Mysterious Girlfriend X” by Riichi Ueshiba

A tale of addiction and lovesickness revolving around a strange bond between classmates Urabe and Tsubaki. Also inspired a popular anime series.

A Town Where You Live” by Kouji Seo

School, relationships, and comedy are combined in this manga about a girl who moves from the city to the countryside.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches” by Miki Yoshikawa

Two students – a boy and a girl – unexpectedly swap bodies and must uncover the secrets of the “Seven Witches” at their school, who each possess a different power. Recently adapted into a TV drama.

As the Gods Will - The Second Series” by Muneyuki Kaneshiro (story) & Akeji Fujimura (art)

What seems like just another boring day at school becomes a deadly and surreal game, and student Shun Takahata must find out who is behind it.

My Wife is Wagatsuma-san” by Yuu Kuraishi (story) & Keishi Nishikida (art)

One day, a girlfriend-less student wakes up 10 years in the future to discover he is married to the prettiest girl in school. How did it happen and where is their relationship going?

Fort of Apocalypse” by Yuu Kuraishi (story) and Kazu Inabe (art)

Accused of a crime he did not commit, a young boy is sentenced to life in prison only to find himself at the center of an outbreak of zombies!

COPPELION” by Tomonori Inoue

20 years after a nuclear meltdown devastates Tokyo, three girls who were genetically engineered to be immune to radiation are sent into the mysterious disaster area to search for survivors.

The Seven Deadly Sins” by Nakaba Suzuki

In this comedic fantasy adventure, a princess goes on a quest to reassemble a disbanded group of knights when her kingdom is taken over by the evil Holy Knights.


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Hello everyone, welcome to this week's manga releases! It's the last Quick Pick manga edition for this year. We're wrapping it up with Attack on Titan, one of the best manga series this year, and a reverse harem series based on Quin Rose's otome games.

Note: For the manga covers, I wasn't able to get a decent English cover for both Attack on Titan and Crimson Empire. I'll replace them soon.

Previous Quick Picks

This Week's Manga Releases

Attack on Titan Volume 10 "Fortress of Blood"

  • Distributor: Kodansha Comics
  • Release date: 12/31
  • Suggested retail price: $10.99

With no combat gear and Wall Rose breached, the 104th scrambles to evacuate the villages in the Titans' path. On their way to the safety of Wall Sheena, they decide to spend the night in Utgart Castle. But their sanctuary becomes a slaughterhouse when they discover that, for some reason, these Titans attack at night!

Crimson Empire: Circumstances to Serve a Noble Volume 3

  • Distributor: Seven Seas Entertainment
  • Release date: 12/24
  • Suggested retail price: $13.99

Crimson Empire: Circumstances to Serve a Noble is a shoujo manga series by QuinRose, the creator of Alice in the Country of Clover. Simultaneous to the release of Crimson Empire Volume 3, Seven Seas will release the newest installment in the Alice series— Alice Love Fables: Toy Box—which includes a 30-page, never before published Crimson Empire story.

From the time she was sold into servitude as a young girl and told by a handsome demonic figure that she had a destiny to fulfill, Sheila’s childhood was anything but easy. After joining an assassins’ guild to undergo rigorous training, Sheila is later taken in by the dashing Prince Edvard to serve as both his housemaid and bodyguard.

As skillful as she is with a blade, Sheila hasn’t a clue when it comes to courtly romance. While she uses her talents to help Edvard win the throne, can she stave off the many admirers who vie for her heart?

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ComiXology has removed 56 titles from its iOS app this week — they range from Angry Youth Comix to Sex to The Boys: Herogasm — to adhere to Apple App Store policies. They’re still available for purchase from comiXology.com.
“In order to comply with the Apple App Store guidelines regarding adult or inappropriate content, some new releases were rejected for our iOS app this week,” a statement on the comiXology blog reads. “In addition, certain previously released titles that fall outside of these guidelines were also rejected and will be removed from sale.”
The announcement comes a little more than a month after the digital-comics distribution platform rejected Saga #12 in an effort to adhere to Apple policies, an action originally attributed to the computer giant. In the aftermath, Image asked that Black Kiss II, XXXombies and Sex #1 be revisited, resulting in all three being approved for the comiXology and Image Comics iOS apps. Now, however, all three have been removed.
The list of removed titles also includes Jess Fink’s Chester 5000, Reed Waller and Kate Worley’s classic Omaha the Cat Dancer, Johnny Ryan’s Prison Pit and the gay-comics anthology No Straight Lines, which features the work of Alison Bechdel, Howard Cruse and Eric Shanower, among others.
Update (11:50 a.m.): ComiXology contacted ROBOT 6 to clarify that it was notified by Apple that those titles didn’t meet the App Store content guidelines, and therefore were pulled from the iOS app.

Five of the 56 titles included volumes that were published by Digital Manga Publishing.

  • Again Tomorrow by Nabako Kamo
  • Ata by Tamaki Fuji
  • Alterna by Kikka Furutsuji
  • An Abandoned Cat's House by Nawo Inoue
  • Maiden Rose by Fusanosuke Inariya

In related news, ANN reported that "Apple began enforcing stricter standards on sexual content in 2010, leading to censorship of the underground comics app Comix Classix: Underground Comics, as well as rejection of 30% of Kodansha's e-manga titles."

Sources: Comic Book Resources's Robot 6 and ANN

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Let's party hard at the beach while it's still summer!

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Episode #2. W&L. I wish this were better.

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...but it's sooooo self-serious!

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