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Kobato. is an anime series in the Kobato. franchise
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Chiho Mihara

One of Mihara Chitose's twin daughters.

Chise Mihara

One of Mihara Chitose twin daughters.

Chitose Mihara

The generous landlady of Kobato's apartment and Sayaka's old classmate.

Fay D. Flourite

Fay is another main character from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles who has fled from his home world. He travels, fights, and helps to search for Sakura's feathers alongside Syaoran and the group.


An acquaintance of Ioryogi, who is in the form of a bear. He runs a baumkuchen shop in the middle of the woods in another dimension.


A mysterious creature whom shares a history with Ioryogi, though he now appears to be on poor terms with him, and often challenges him to fights.

Hiroyasu Ueda


Kazuto Okiura

Sayaka Okiuras ex husband. He is the reason why the Kindergarten is having trouble with the Yakuza.

Kimihiro Watanuki

A young man troubled by a constant following of spirits and monsters.

Kiyokazu Fujimoto

Kobato Hanato


Trainee angel who came to Earth in search of missing archangel, but gets rescued instead by human named Shuichiro Kudo.


Kurogane is a character in the anime Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. He is a ninja from the world of Japan. He travels with Syaoran and the rest of the main characters. In the process, he helps to find the feathers Syaoran and Sakura are in search of.

Mokona Modoki

Mokona is a black, rabbit-like creature that has a twin with the same name. He stays in Yuuko's shop to keep in contact and teleport things to the white Mokona while he is traveling between worlds.

Mokona Modoki

Mokona is a mysterious, white, talking creature that slightly resembles a rabbit. He has the ability to cross dimensions and travels with Syaoron and the group in quest of Sakura's feathers. He also posesses 108 secret skills, not all of which have been revealed.

Sayaka Okiura

The principle and teacher of Yomogi Nursery.

Shuichiro Kudo

A character from the Wish manga from Clamp. He is a doctor who rescues Kohaku from the tree where she was trapped. For this he is granted a wish, but isn't interested as he has everything he wants.

Syaoran Li

The eventual protagonist of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle who was originally thought to be Syaoran's evil clone but turns out to be the original. Due to a temporal paradox, he was born the son of his and Sakura's clones, who had both been reincarnated in the xxxHOLiC Universe.

Takashi Doumoto

A friend of Fujimoto from college. He has romantic feelings for Kobato.

Yumi Omura

A 17 year old girl who works at a Japanese pub know as "My Pleasure".She also dislikes any human size persocoms.

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