Knock-on effect

Knock-on effect is an anime episode of K that was released on 10/25/2012

Plot Summary

Shiro looks at the footage
Shiro looks at the footage

Kuroh cooks lunch for Neko, Shiro, and himself., and when Neko disobeys his orders, Kuroh attacks Neko. Shiro sees the trashcan throwing away his thing, and he tries to stop it. The trashcan attacks Shiro, and Neko jumps on the trashcan to stop it. Kuroh wonders how Shiro will prove his innocence. Over at school, Shiro tells his teacher that Kuroh is a transfer student. Kuroh thanks Kukuri for helping him out the other day. Then, Neko pops out in her human form to draw on Kuroh's face, but Kuroh stops her. Everyone looks at her. At lunchtime, Kukuri sees Shiro having bento for the first time. Neko asks for more food, and she is sad that Kukuri only has vegetables. On Shiro's PDA, he finds the picture of the murderer blurry still. In a flashback, a fellow classmate tries to show Shiro some porn, and then, he shows a footage of a Shiro look-alike. At the SCEPTER4, Saruhiko finds out the time and location of the murder. The guys find out Shiro's location at the Ashinaka High School.

Back at school, Shiro states that he cannot commit the murder and get back to his home in an hour. He states that he can prove his alibi, and Kuroh helps Neko dress up. Kuroh does not believe Shiro has an alibi. Shiro states that he can find someone to prove his alibi. He asks Kukuri about December 7. Back at the Homura bar, Anna does her divination, and the the guys find out Shiro's location is at Ashinaka High School. On the day of December 7th, a student announces that he loves Kukuri and asks her to be his girl. Kukuri apologizes after rejecting his offer. The man cries that his heart has broken. Back to the present, Kukuri is embarrassed to share that story, and Kuroh plays a quote about love. Shiro asks her for more details, and he asks the head of the student council. The girl shares a newspaper article, and the two girls tell him to find a photo of him. Back in the flashback, a student accidentally burns a parade float. In the present, he looks in a photographer's image gallery, and Kuroh finds that Shiro has no alibi. When Kukuri asks for help, Kuroh helps her, she blush for a moment. In the teacher's office, Shiro asks for a log of students who have passed through the main gate on December 7th.

Kuroh's master
Kuroh's master

Outside, he proves that he did not cross the main gate, and Neko states she is hungry. Shiro reasons that the only way to get off the island is through the main gate, and everyone is scanned. Shiro goes to buy a drink for Neko, but he does not have enough cash. Kukuri pays for it and reminds Shiro about his PDA. Kuroh asks Kukuri whether Shiro does not carry a PDA with him. Kukuri states that Shiro sneaks out of the gate since a PDA is required to pass through the gate. Kuroh prepares to slay Shiro, and Neko tries to protect him. Neko tells him that Shiro is sweet and innocent. Shiro tells Neko that it's okay while Neko hugs Shiro from behind. The scene reminds Kuroh of his master. Then, Kukuri states that she and Shiro found a hole in the storage room. She shows a picture of Shiro on that day. Kuroh acknowledges Shiro's alibi, and Kukuri is confused about Shiro's issues.

In class, Kuroh helps the students, and Kukuri complains that Shiro slacks off while Kuroh works hard. Her friend wonders if Kuroh and Neko are really students here. Back at Shiro's room, Shiro grabs his uniform out of the closet, and he sees a bloody shirt. He gets flashbacks of murdering Tatara. Shiro quivers in fear until Neko strolls by. Shiro reassures Neko that nothing's wrong. Yata and Rikio arrive to the main gate.

Points of Interest

  • Shiro teases Kuroh by calling him wife. So far, it happens twice.
  • The murder of Tatara occured on December 7th and around 23:45.


  • Japanese Name: N/A
  • Opening Theme: "Kings" - Angela
  • Closing Theme: "Tsumetai Hiya, Hitori" - Mikako Komatsu

Characters & Voice Actors

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