Knife is an anime episode of K that was released on 10/25/2012

Plot Summary

Kuroh is overseeing the preparations for the festival while Kukuri opens a bag of rice crackers for Neko. Kuroh helps stitch Kukuri's sleeve, and Shiro thinks back to the footage and Kukuri's photo. Kukuri asks Shiro to do her a favor. Seri asks for authorization to confirm the suspect, and she asks Saruhiko to go with her. At the front gate, Yata and Rikio steals the PDA to get pass the gate, and after they leave, Shiro uses the secret exit with Kuroh and Neko following him. On the bridge, the three are look at the beautiful shimmering sea. Back at the main gate, Seri and her troops move in. They asks the principal to allow them to search the grounds. The principal objects and states that it's hard to find a single student without any information. Saruhiko leaves the room, and both Yata and Rikio asks the students about the man. Moments later, Rikio and Yata walk past Saruhiko by the fountain without noticing each others' presence. Then, Saruhiko looks back, and he sneaks in a female student's room. He quietly knocks her out, and he goes through the student database. Then, he hears Yata and Rikio arguing outside, and he smiles for a bit.

Later, Yata and Rikio sees two girls, and Rikio asks the two girls who are scared. Yata beats Rikio for scaring them, and he reminds them to not threaten the ladies. Rikio asks Yata that they need to asks the girls. Saruhiko arrives to the scene after insulting both Yata and Rikio. Yata yells at the traitor, and Saruhiko asks Yata how he got here. Yata refuses to answer and tells Saruhiko to stop calling him by his first name. Yata begins to vent his aura, and Rikio stops Yata. Saruhiko begins mocking Mikoto, and Yata charges at Saruhiko. Yata whips up a flaming tornado, and Saruhiko attacks with his sword. Yata fights back with his fists, and the two are at a standstill. Saruhiko picks up his glasses, and he tells Yata that he has become stronger when Yata denounces his strength. While Yata goes around Saruhiko, Saruhiko throws knives at Yata whose right shoulder is bleeding. Saruhiko reveals his two auras, and he states that he is interested in blood and flesh.

In anger, Yata channels his strength, but Seri intervenes. Seri asks Saruhiko what he was doing, and she looks at Yata. She gives out Yata's background info, and Yata does the same. He states that Seri is known as the heartless woman, and Seri frowns a bit since only one person, an owner of a bar, called her by that name. When Yata refuses to obey Seri's orders to quit, Seri says stuff about Mikoto that reassures Yata. After Yata and Rikio leave, Seri asks Saruhiko about him hacking the student database. After Yata gets bandaged, he asks a girl about the man he is looking for. The girl (Kukuri) apologizes, and Saruhiko states that he could not find the student.

Points of Interest

  • The owner of the bar that calls Seri, the heartless woman, is implied to be Izumo.


  • Japanese Name: N/A
  • Opening Theme: "Kings" - Angela
  • Closing Theme: "Tsumetai Hiya, Hitori" - Mikako Komatsu

Characters & Voice Actors

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