Kiyone Makibi

Kiyone Makibi is a anime/manga character in the Tenchi Muyo franchise
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A character of the Tenchi Muyo series, Kiyone Makibi is a down on her luck woman; ever since she was pared up with Mihoshi. She is a detective for the Galaxy Police, but she has appeared in a different role via the Tenchi Muyo spin-off, Pretty Sammy.


In many continuities of Tenchi Muyo, Kiyone is portrayed as a level-headed and down to earth Galaxy Police officer who find himself on the unlucky end with having Mihoshi as her partner, with the clumsy and reckless behavior of her ditzy partner often causing Kiyone promotions.


Kiyone first appeared in a novel called One Visitor After Another: Hexagram of Love, made as part of a separate continuity of Tenchi Muyo novels created by Naoko Hasegawa. In spite of her non-canon appearance, Kiyone's character from the novels gained popularity with fans and she was integrated into anime and manga spinoffs of the Tenchi franchise made throughout the 1990s. For anime adaptations, she was voiced by Yuri Amano in Japanese. In English, Kiyone had two different voice actresses for different adaptations. She was voiced by Sherry Lynn for the Mihoshi Special, Tenchi Universe, the first episode of the Pretty Sammy OVA and Tenchi Muyo in Love. Kiyone would be voiced by Wendee Lee for Tenchi in Tokyo, the remaining Pretty Sammy OVA episodes, Daughter of Darkness and Tenchi Forever.



Kiyone is a young woman in her early 20s, having long green hair and green eyes. She is normally seen wearing an orange headband.


Kiyone is an athletic and smart young woman with a level-headed personality who is notable in that she is the only female resident lacing any romantic interest in Tenchi, yet still expresses care and concern for him. While feeling constant irritation for Mihoshi's clumsy and ditzy antics, she still cares enough for the well-being of her partner to aid her whenever she is in trouble.


Mihoshi Special

Kiyone in Mihoshi Special.
Kiyone in Mihoshi Special.

Mihoshi Special is the first anime that Kiyone appears in. Here, Kiyone and Mihoshi, were given a assignment by the Galaxy Police to retrieve a stolen "Ultra Energy Matter" and rescue a kidnapped Galaxy Police officer, Tenchi, from an evil space pirate named Ryoko. Accompany them in the mission is Tenchi's wife, Ayeka, and Mihoshi's apprentice, Sasami.

Tenchi Universe

Here, Kiyone was a high ranking detective of the Galaxy Police before things fell apart for Kiyone when she got partnered up with Mihoshi. With her partner missing, Kiyone assumed that she died during her mission to retrieve Ryoko and was happy about no longer having to suffer from her until she got word that Mihoshi was still on Earth. Surprised to find that Mihoshi is on Earth living with two Juraian princesses and two criminals, Kiyone attempts to try apprehending Ryoko before Mihoshi's clumsiness costs her to fail. Afterward, Kiyone would come to discover that she and Mihoshi have been assigned to look after activity within our solar system. Forced to live on Earth, Kiyone moves into an apartment with Mihoshi as the two take up part-time jobs on Earth while tending to their Galaxy Police duties.

Kiyone in the Universe series.
Kiyone in the Universe series.

The two would wind up being entangled in the problems faced by Ayeka and Sasami when the two princesses become wanted for treason by Jurai, with Kiyone and Mihoshi being suspected as co-conspirators. Kiyone would assist Tenchi and the girls into making it to Jurai in order to clear their names and would gain high ranks with the Galaxy Police after Kagato's defeat. However having grown seemingly fond of her time on Earth, Kiyone chose to return to patrolling the solar system with Mihoshi.

Tenchi in Tokyo

Kiyone in Tenchi in Tokyo.
Kiyone in Tenchi in Tokyo.

Kiyone's character design here undergoes some slight changes and she undergoes a major change in her personality as she is rather manic-depressive with a fanatic obsession with earning Galaxy Police promotions. In addition, she is shown to have romantic feelings for Tenchi here. Kiyone still retains her status as a Galaxy Police officer struggling with the incompetence that Mihoshi suffers through on missions that lead both to suffer demotions.

Kiyone and Mihoshi both arrived on Earth while chasing after Ryoko and Washu, who had stolen a Juraian artifact called the Jurai Light Stone. Upon both parties crash landing on Earth alongside Ayeka and Sasami, they take up residence at the Masaki household.

After arresting a reputable space criminal later in the series, Kiyone would learn that she and Mihoshi had been reassigned as part of a promotion. Happy with the news, Kiyone would immediately leave Earth with Mihoshi and become more committed to her Galaxy Police duties. Upon learning that Yugi was manipulating events to separate Tenchi and the girls, Kiyone decided to return to Earth with Mihoshi. As they arrived on the planet, the two would come into contact with one of Yugi's servants named Tsuguru. In a rather difficult battle, Kiyone would manage to kill Tsuguru using an experimental antimaterial bullet fired from her gun. She would then take up assisting Tenchi and the other girls in their final battle with Yugi.

Pretty Sammy

OVA Series

Kiyone in the Pretty Sammy OVA.
Kiyone in the Pretty Sammy OVA.

Here, Kiyone is a first-year ronin student named Yuri Kiyone who failed to get into college constantly gets rejected by men. Her relationship with Mihoshi is one of jealousy for what she could accomplish and not one that deters her like other installments of the Tenchi franchise. Both girls work in a video store throughout the series.

Magical Project S

Kiyone here is a teacher named Kiyone Amayuri that teaches at a neighboring classroom from Mihoshi in the same school that Sasami and Misao go to. Mihoshi and Kiyone have known each other since junior high school student and Kiyone is regularly irritated with the regular noise coming from Mihoshi's classroom. She has a strong desire to prove that she is a better teacher than Mihoshi.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Wendee Lee
Yuri Amano
Sherry Lynn
Rank Game #647 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Kiyone Makibi
Name: 真備 清音
Romanji: Makibi Kiyone
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Tenchi Universe #5
1st anime movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love!
Aliases Yuri Kiyone
Kiyone Amayuri
Recent Movies
Tenchi Forever!

The final movie in the Tenchi Universe continuity.

Tenchi the Movie 2: The Daughter of Darkness

The Second Tenchi Muyo film set in the OVA series that was released in Japan on August 2, 1997 as a double feature, along with ...

Tenchi Muyo in Love!

A Space Pirate wishing to destroy the house of Jurai travels into the past to Kill Tenchi's Mother.

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