Kitten is an anime episode of K that was released on 10/11/2012

Plot Summary

Shiro tricks Kuroh
Shiro tricks Kuroh

Kuroh tries to kill Isana, and when Isana tries to run away, Kuroh uses his sword to raise Isana high in the sky. He asks Isana if he commit the crime, and Isana states it was not him. Isana asks Kuroh why he won't hand him to the police instead of killing him. Isana requests Kuroh that he wants to write a farewell letter to his younger sister. He knows that he cannot prove he is innocent. Isana shows Kuroh, a picture of his sister who terminally ill. Kuroh asks Isana for his sister's name, and Isana makes up the name, Mari Isana. Isana asks Kuroh to deliver the letter since if he's gone, his sister would be alone. Suddenly, Isana makes a run for it by unleashing flash bombs. Kuroh gets angry that he got duped. Isana emerges from a stuffed mascot once Kuroh is gone.

Neko's showing some skin
Neko's showing some skin

Meanwhile, Izumo asks his clan to put up a bounty to aid them in the manhunt for Tatara's murderer with a price of ten million Yen. The gang gets some calls, and Izumo checks on Anna who is using her marbles to locate the murderer. Anna reveals the location, and Izumo texts his clan, the location. He tells his clan to avoid Kuroh, the black dog. In the city, Yashiro sneaks in his mascot costume, and Yata attacks Kuroh. Yata demands Kuroh to tell him where is he hiding Yashiro. From the roof, Yashiro waves to Kuroh and tells him to finish off Yata. Yata charges at Kuroh, and Kuroh uses his powers to distort the surroundings. He pulls a giant billboard and slams Yata with it. Kuroh hops to the roof to find Isana gone. Yashiro makes it to his home and lies on his bed due to exhaustion. He recalls the footage and how real it was. His cat transforms into a human, and Yashiro glances at Neko's naked body in embarrassment. Yashiro screams, and Neko introduces herself.

Back at school, Kuroh tries to open something, and the girls find him silly yet handsome since they cannot see his powers. Kukuri asks Kuroh if he needs help, and Kuroh asks Kukuri about Yashiro's whereabouts. Kukuri informs him that Yashiro has errands to do, and Kukuri takes Kuroh for a tour of the boys' dormitory. Kuroh bows down in respect, and Kukuri finds Kuroh amusing. Kuroh tells Kukuri that he will give Yashiro, a death warrant. Kukuri mistakes Kuroh's words and hears wallet instead. Back at Shiro's home, Shiro tries to put his coat on Neko, and Neko dodges him because she feel clothes would restrict her. Kukuri brings Kuroh to Shiro's home, and Kuroh hops into Shiro's room. Kuroh attacks Shiro, and Neko blocks him. Kuroh looks away because how indecent Neko is. Neko leads Shiro down the hall and outside after distorting the dimensions. Kuroh finds his powers backfiring when he confronts a giant cat. He chases Shiro and Neko, and Neko creates an illusion where Kuroh runs through it and crashes into a wall.

All night long, the three go back to Shiro's apartment to rest a bit. Kuroh is angry that his face has been defiled, and Neko tells Shiro that she's hungry. Shiro begins cooking food for both Shiro and Kuroh. Shiro argues with Neko who wants certain things. Kuroh takes care of the cooking, and the three eat.

Points of Interest


  • Japanese Name: N/A
  • Opening Theme: "Kings" - Angela
  • Closing Theme: "Tsumetai Hiya, Hitori" - Mikako Komatsu

Characters & Voice Actors

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