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A highly controversial Japanese anime OVA written and directed by Yasuomi Umetsu.

Sawa is a teenage girl and an agent for an underground ring of vigilantes who has been traumatized by the deaths of her parents. Kept in line by drugs and sexual abuse at the hands of corrupt cop Akai, she is sent out armed with explosive bullets to assassinate criminals the law cannot touch. She starts to fall for a boy on a mission with her, but she also comes to realize that the man she now calls father (and lover) is the man who killed her parents.

Excessively violent and featuring scenes of child abuse and underage sex that had to be cut even for the liberal American market, Kite draws on several live-action movies for its inspiration. Most notable is John Badham's Point of No Return (1993, itself a remake of Luc Besson's earlier La Femme Nikita), in which a pretty killer is trapped within the organization that has made her. There are also tips of the hat to Takashi Miike's Fudoh (1996), particularly a vicious restroom shootout. Umezu had formerly treated the same themes and ideas in Yellow Star, one of the entries in the Cool Devices erotica series. Remade with a longer running time and high-quality animation, he concentrates on balletic, graceful fight choreography amid utter mayhem, and a poignant tale of doomed love between two damaged souls. But as the video-cover panty shots of Sawa attest, Kite is far more interested in titillating its audience with sex and violence than it is with condemning them. A live-action production is supposedly in development, produced by Rob Cohen and Anant Singh, to be written by Joshua Rubin and directed by Jorge and Javier Aguilera.

Controversy and Alternate Versions

As discussed above, Kite is quite a controversial title due to its high levels of graphic violence and graphic sex/ rape scenes, some that involve a young Sawa. The anime has been banned in several countries for its rape scenes with Sawa being considered child pornography under their laws, including Norway. Media Blasters had released three different versions of the series through their Anime Works and Kitty Media brands. The Anime Works version was an edited general release version that removed all the sex scenes from the OVA. Under the Kitty Media brand, two different versions of the series were released: Director's Cut and Special Edition. The Director's Cut version restored most of the sex scenes, though some containing scenes involving a younger Sawa were still cut from the release. The Special Edition release completely restores all the sex scenes.

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Yasuomi Umetsu

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Name Kite
Name: カイト
Romaji: Kaito
Publisher Green Bunny
Start Year 1998
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Aliases A Kite
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