Kitchen is an anime episode of K that was released on 10/18/2012

Plot Summary

Mikoto and Reishi's aura clash
Mikoto and Reishi's aura clash

Reishi and Mikoto's aura clash violently, and Reishi walks up to Mikoto and arrests him. Mikoto turns himself in without any objections. In Mikoto's cell, Reishi hits Mikoto to wake him up. He threatens Mikoto to renounce his throne if he continues to push himself beyond his Weismann level. If his Sword of Damocles crumbles and falls, chaos will ensue such as the Kagutsu crater incident. Mikoto plays dumb, and Reishi states that he will keep Mikoto locked up forever. Mikoto does not mind if Reishi keeps an eye on him 24 hours a day, but Reishi cannot stand being near Mikoto. Before Reishi leaves, he utters that he feels the same way. In a meeting with Reishi, Seri tells him to avoid killing him and that a better alternative way is to tranquillize Mikoto. Reishi finds Seri's way devoid of sympathy, and he considers Seri's methods. He asks her her about the murder weapon used to kill Tatara Totsuka. Seri states she is assembling an investigation squad, and Reishi gives her authorization, Royal Blue level. Reishi wants to know everything to solve this case, and Seri acknowledges Reishi's needs. Saruhiko and other members look up for information, and Saruhiko gets a phone call. Back at Shiro's home, Kuroh uses a tape recorder to tell Neko to eat properly and to express gratitude.

Yata confronts thugs
Yata confronts thugs

At the Homura Bar, Izumo receives a call about Kuroh joining Yashiro. Suddenly, Yata brings and slams Rikio. Izumo finds his bar getting thrashed. Izumo squeezes Yata and Rikio's skulls and asks them how this fight started. At the same time, Anna looks away. Yata states that Mikoto has turn himself in, and Izumo explains to them why Mikoto did it. He states that Reishi has to stay with Mikoto which makes it easier for them to roam the city. After the two leave, Anna calls Izumo a liar. Back at Shiro's home, Kuroh explains to Shiro about the Homura Clan who are out for revenge, and they suspect Shiro to be the murderer. Kuroh states that he will kill Shiro once mealtime is over. Shohei, Bando, and others find some guns from the missing gun dealer. Then, Saruhiko arrives to the scene and attacks the Homura Clan members. He calls his subordinates to bring Seri to clean up the scene. Shiro asks Kuroh why he is doing this. Kuroh states that he is a vassal of the Colorless King, Ichigen Miwa. His late king had ordered Kuroh to kill the next king if he's evil. Seri hands the documents to the prime minister to authorize Blue King's orders. Back to Shiro, Kuroh states that the Golden King has transform Japan into a powerful country. Kuroh tells him that there are seven kings.

Shiro finds Kuroh's admiration creepy
Shiro finds Kuroh's admiration creepy

Meanwhile, Yata attacks some men who harassed a woman. Yata shows his Homura Clan's insignia and attacks the men who attacked Yata first. Shiro denies that he is a king and that man who killed Tatara is not him. Back at the store, Saruhiko arrives to the scene late. He reveals his burnt out Homura Clan insignia. Elsewhere, Adolf dances with a lifeless woman. In Shiro's home, Kuroh tries to kill Shiro,and Shiro tries to reason with Kuroh in that he is a normal student. Kuroh points to Neko, and Shiro asks Neko who she is. Kuroh thinks she is a Strain, and Neko does not know a thing. Shiro swears that he will prove that he is not the murdere. Kuroh has Shiro push a button that states a quote about not jumping to conclusions. Kuroh informs Shiro that he will kill him if he finds Shiro, evil. When Shiro asks Kuroh about his voice recorder, Kuroh expresses his excitement over his master's last words.

Points of Interest

  • The Colorless King has the ability to predict the future.
  • Strain are people who are endowed with powers without the assistance from a king.


  • Japanese Name: N/A
  • Opening Theme: "Kings" - Angela
  • Closing Theme: "Tsumetai Hiya, Hitori" - Mikako Komatsu

Characters & Voice Actors

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