Kissuiso's Longest Day

Kissuiso's Longest Day is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 05/29/2011

Plot Summary

Ohana continues to search the building for Tooru, and happens to interrupt a wedding. At the Kissuiso, Tomoe and Nako are having trouble keeping up with the customers requests. Ohana, just about to give up, is able to answer a call from Kouichi. Ohana still doesn't realize that Kouichi is trying to visit her. Kouichi gives Ohana some words of encouragement and Ohana promises to keep trying her hardest.

Unfortunately when Kouichi arrives at the station closest to the Kissuiso, Kouichi checks the train schedule. It turns out the next train to get him back home to the city, departs in 40 minutes. So Kouichi ultimately doesn't have enough time to see Ohana. Ohana eventually finds Tooru. Tooru and Ohana ride back to the Kissuiso on a motorcycle. Ohana wonders if the smell of the helmet is like that of all boy's hair.

When back at the Kissuiso, Tooru, Ren and Minko quickly get to work in the kitchen. Minko asks how Ohana found Tooru, Ohana replies that it was all thanks to Ko-chan. Ohana, Nako and Tomoe quickly attend to the customer's needs and rooms with the help of Sui's and Tomoe's notebooks on each customer. Soon enough the day ends, and the Kissuiso makes it through one of its longest days without the help of Sui.

Ohana once again sends a text message thanking Kouichi for his encouragement. Kouichi is shown in what seems to be a storage room of a store reading that text message. Kouichi is quickly told by a young lady to get back to work. Back at the Kissuiso, Sui returns from the hospital and is welcomed back by the whole staff.

Characters & Voice Actors

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