Kissing Concepts

Kissing is a anime/manga concept
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Deal with the Devil

One makes a deal with a demon/devil for something he/she wants. The demon/devil usually wants their soul in return.

First Kiss

The act of someone giving or receiving their first kiss, or a particular couple kissing for the first time.

First date

The first date of a (potential) couple.

Furido's Four Men

Furido's Four Men was a group that appeared on Naruto Shippuden. They are the main antagonists on the non-canon filler arc.

King's Game

The King's Game is a popular party-dare game played using chopsticks.

Kiss Players

A group of female humans who could give power boosts to Transformers simply by kissing them. The manga they star in stirred quite a bit of controversy. They were also a music group that promoted human/transformer peace and members of the Earth Defense Command

Love Triangle

Someone > Someone > Someone


Korean comics are often referred to as "manhwa."


A couple who have made an official vow to stay together.

Oblivious To Love

Someone being completely oblivious about people liking him/her.


A Pactio is a provisional contract created by a magi and anybody granting their partner magical abilities. Joculatrix Monachans

Potential Love Interest

The character has a chance of ending up with the protagonist. It means either the protagonist or the heroine(or maybe both) have feelings for the other.

Secret Past

A list of people who won't reveal their past even though it might be revealed later. Who knows, it could either be an extrordinary timeframe, an emberassing childhood or an shockingly dark chain of events.


Traditionally aimed at an older audience than shounen, seinen manga are typically much more realistic and mature than their shounen counterparts, but also tend to contain more explicit material.

Star Crossed Lovers

Are kept apart no matter how much they struggle and endure.

Unrequited love

A passion or romance for a person where these feelings are not returned by the object of affection. A one-sided love.

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