Kiss is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Kiss is the animal partner of Coco. He is one of the last Emperor Crows in the world which were considered to be one of the "Eight Kings" of the Gourmet World.


Kiss was taken in by Coco even before it's birth as an egg. Upon it's birth Coco adopted it not as a pet but as family. Kiss shares a deep bond with Coco.


Kiss is a protagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


Since the beginning of the series, Kiss has grown dramatically in size and strength.


Kiss' appearance has remained consistent since it's introduction aside from it's size. It has gotten considerably larger. Initially Kiss was around it's partner Coco in size and could carry him on it's back. Now Kiss is more than twice Coco's size, about as large as Terry Cloth now. Kiss is a giant Crow, deep purple in color including it's legs, talons and beak which is a somewhat lighter shade. It has red eyes.


Despite Kiss being a wild beast, it has been with Coco since before it's birth as an egg. It has adopted a tame demeanor and will not attack humans or even other beasts without cause.


Coco - Coco is Kiss' partner. Kiss accompanies Coco most often on missions and hunts although Coco will leave Kiss behind if there is no need or point in Kiss coming such as when he went to the 1st Biotope with Toriko to capture one of Ichiryuu's dishes. Kiss is very caring for Coco and will risk it's life to protect him.

Terry - Kiss meets Terry very early in the series. After an initial acquaintance, Kiss and Terry occasionally work together. They fought against the Four Beast along with Quinn and trained together during Toriko's absence in Gourmet World.

Quinn - Like Terry, Kiss met Quinn fairly early on, but after Kiss met Terry. Likewise, the two get along and have fought as well as trained together.

Story Arcs

Puffer Whale Arc

When Coco met with Toriko and Komatsu, he took the two to his home. Kiss was there waiting for them. Toriko was surprised to find Kiss as he had thought that the Emperor Crow was an extinct species. Coco explained that he found an Emperor Crow egg and took care of it until it hatched. He had raised Kiss since then and considered it family to him. After Coco successfully captured the Puffer Whale with Toriko and Komatsu, Kiss was there waiting for him outside of the cave and flew back home with Coco on it's back.

Regal Mammoth Arc

Kiss with Coco headed to the 1st Biotope to assist Toriko and Sunny. When they arrived, they encountered a Giant Model GT Robo controlled by Gido of the Bishokukai. Together Coco and Kiss battled the GT Robo. After a time though, Kiss was injured and was temporarily decommissioned, however, Coco managed a very narrow victory by himself. Once the battle was finished, the duo convened with Sunny, who was battle worn so they gave him something to eat, and Toriko and the others shortly after. Then departed quickly to avoid the rampaging Regal Mammoth which had recovered it's strength after Coco had tranquilized it. When they all arrived back at the Gourmet Research Laboratory, Kiss and everyone else shared the successfully captured Jewel Meat.

Meteor Garlic Arc

Coco rode atop Kiss to the 8th Biotope. He met Toriko and Terry Cloth there. The mission was to acquire the dishes of President Ichiryuu's Full course. After catching the 8th Biotope ingredient, Coco and Toriko bade farewell to Kiss and Terry for the time since they were to travel to Gourmet Casino. After the events at Gourmet Casino, Kiss and Coco head to the 1st Biotope at the request of Chief Mansam to help him distribute food for Christmas to starving people from nations around the world.

Four Beast Arc

After receiving instructions via recording from President Ichiryuu, Coco and the other Four Heavenly Kings departed atop their beast partners and headed off to the legendary Four Beasts to stop it before it laid waste to Human World. Each of the Kings and their partners took on one of the four beasts. Coco and Kiss were up against Ivaitdeath, Capture level 140, the strongest foe they had faced at that time. Together, Coco and Kiss defeated Invaitdeath without sustaining injury. However it was not so simple. The Four beasts were in fact separate parts of the true Four Beast located underground in Central Human World. It summoned it's four "limbs" and they dashed at immense speed towards the Center of Human World. Coco and Kiss, as ell as their allies were quick to follow but upon arriving in Center Human World, they were met with a fully awakened Four Beast and it had absorbed it's four other bodies.

The Four Heavenly Kings took it on, each unleashing powerful techniques, but ultimately the notorious beast was immune to their efforts and proceeded to dominate the battle. After a time, all four Heavenly Kings were grovelling on the ground heavily wounded. But before the Four Beast could destroy them, Kiss, Terry and Quinn jumped in the middle. Each assaulting the Four Beast and actually inflicting harm. But in their current immature states, they were no match for it and they were nearly killed. However, in the nick of time, the Four Beast's attention was averted by the aura of the Four Heavenly Kings. While Kiss and the other two beast partners held the Four Beast at bay, the Four Heavenly Kings had prepared their ultimate combination technique, the Oushoku Bansan. The Four Beast Fought back but ultimately could do nothing against the technique and was completely consumed.

Cooking Festival Arc

Kiss was only briefly seen. Once the battle at Cooking Island had begun between the IGO Chefs and Bishokuya vs the Bishokukai, Kiss, Quinn and Terry, left the island and ran for assistance. They went to Knocking Master Jirou who was perhaps the best possible choice. He understood what they were communicating to him and he returned back with them to Cooking Island.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Speed - Kiss is capable of considerable speed on par with the likes of Terry and Quinn. It was able to travel from the edge of Human world to the Center in what seemed like minutes.

Flight - As a crow, Kiss is capable of natural flight. As an Emperor Crow, said flight is considerably fast.

Blind Feather - Kiss scatters it's feather over a large area. This serves to block the field of vision of the opponent.

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Name: Kiss
Name: キッス
Romanji: Kissu
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
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