Kiss of Fire

Kiss of Fire is an anime episode of Phantom Quest Corp (OVA) that was released on 08/25/1994
After a series of murders of young women occur, Ayaka Kisaragi, an occult investigator is called in by the Detective working the case for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Kouzou Karino. They determine that the murders are being committed by a vampire. Ayaka tracks who she suspects the vampire is to a tea shop, only to discover that she has the wrong vampire - this vampire is trying to go legit, and also wants to protect his clientel. They work togeather, along with Ayaka's secretary, Mamoru Shimesu, and the diviner Suimei, to trap the vampire and destroy him in Tokyo Tower, though in the process they cause some not unsubstantial damage to the building's observation deck.    

Characters & Voice Actors

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Yutaka Minowa Key Animator
Satoshi Tazaki Key Animator
Shinichi Yoshino Key Animator
Takenori Mihara Key Animator Key Animator for Ninja Scroll The Movie, Phantom Quest Corp, and other films and OVAs
Takuo Noda Key Animator
Takuya Sato Key Animator
Tetsuto Saitoo Key Animator Key Animator for Devil May Cry, Phantom Quest Corp, and storyboard artist for Bleach
Tomohiro Hirata Key Animator
Tsukasa Abe Key Animator
Yasuko Miyazaki Key Animator Key Animator for Guin Saga, Phantom Quest Corp, House of Five Leaves, and other series.
Yoshiharu Ashino Key Animator
Yoshimitsu Ohashi Key Animator
Koichi Chigira Director
Akira Oguro Key Animator Key Animator for various films, including Gundam 08th MS Team and X The Movie
Asako Nishida Key Animator
Futoshi Fujikawa Key Animator
Hiromi Niioka Key Animator Animation director for various animated series, and Key Animation for others
Hiroshi Kugimiya Key Animator
Hirotsugu Kawasaki Key Animator
Hiroyuki Kasugai Key Animator Key Animator for various animated films and series, including several through Studio Madhouse.
Hiroyuki Shimizu Key Animator
Hisashi Abe Key Animator
Kahoru Hirata Key Animator Key Animator for the second Patlabor film, among several other projects.
Kazuya Tsurumaki Key Animator A Japanese anime director and protegé of Hideaki Anno.
Koji Ito Key Animator
Kouichi Arai Key Animator Key Animator for a boatload of series and films, most recently Trigun: Badass Rumble
Kunio Takahide Key Animator Key Animator for Ninja Scroll (TV), X, Vampire Princess Myu, and other films and series
Masahide Yanagisawa Key Animator
Masahiko Itojima Key Animator Key Animator for Case Closed/Detective Conan, among other series.
Masahiko Kubo Key Animator
Masaru Kitao Key Animator
Norimoto Tokura Key Animator Key Animator on Phantom Quest Corp, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, The Girl Who Lept Through Time, and other Madhouse films
Satoru Nakamura Key Animator
Masahiro Sekino Associate Director
Nobuhisa Terado Associate Director
Yasuhito Kikuchi Associate Director
Naoki Murakami Inbetweener
Mami Watanabe Writer
Shinichi Uehara Art Director Art Director for Phantom Quest Corp, Millennium Actress, The Tatami Galaxy, and other projects.
Yoshinori Kanemori Animator Animator for Ending Credits
Yoshiaki Kawajiri Animator Animator for Opening Credits
Junichi Kanezaki Music
Yasunori Honda Sound Engineer
Hitoshi Ueda Animation Director
Michinori Chiba


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