Kirie Fujyou

Kirie Fujyou is a anime/manga character in the Kara no Kyoukai franchise
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The first major antagonist of Kara no Kyoukai


Kirie was descended from the Fujou family, who came from a long line of shamans who specialized in casting curses. She was the last surviving member of her family as her entire immediate family was killed in a car accident years earlier. Kirie was hospitalized for a decade due to suffering from a terminal illness when she was 17. She was visited by Souren Araya, who awakened her abilities and offered to pay for her hospital bills. During Shiki Ryougi's hospitalization, Kirie developed a romantic attraction to Mikiya Kokutou and expressed jealousy toward Shiki.


Kirie was created as an antagonist for Kinoko Nasu's Kara no Kyoukai novel series. There is no known information about her character's design during development of the novel. Kirie would appear in Ufotable's animated film series of Kara no Kyoukai appearing in the first film, Overlooking View, as she was voiced by Rie Tanaka in Japanese.



Kirie stands at 161 centimeters (about '5'3"), having long black hair and blue eyes (black eyes in the novel). She was normally dressed in a hospital gown in her normal body and a white dress with her second body. Both forms of her were barefoot.


Kirie was a quiet and timid girl who felt confined to living her fate hospitalized due to her terminal condition and lacked the ability to see in her normal body. Gaining her second body through Araya's influence gave her a desire to make new friends, though ordinary humans were incapable of detecting or interacting with her thus driving Kirie to possess others and drive them to suicide in order to notice her. While she would use her ability on Mikiya, Kirie could not bring herself to drive him to suicide due to the love she had for him.


Utilizing the abilities that Araya awakened in her, Kirie was responsible for a series of suicides that she drove people into doing from the Fujou Building where high school students would jump to their deaths from the top of said building. At the same time this was happening, Mikiya had slipped into a comatose state and Shiki suspected that the string of suicides were connected to Mikiya's condition.

Shiki would confront Kirie's second body on two different occasions. In their first encounter, Kirie nearly proceeded in driving Shiki to her death through possessing her puppet arm. In their second encounter, Shiki would succeed in destroying Kirie's second body with her knife. While the events cause Kirie's normal body to awaken in shock from the incident, the loss of her second body was not enough for her to be killed by Shiki's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

Touko Aozaki would later confront Kirie, where the detective would come to learn of Kirie's connection to the recent string of suicides taking place. Having no further desire to live without her second body, Kirie would kill herself by jumping from the top of the Fujou Building. Following Kirie's death, Mikiya would awaken from his comatose state.

Powers and Abilities

Kirie's family bloodline granted one the ability to channel beings such as wayward spirits and divine beings. While blessed with a large amount of vitality due to her heritage, this did not allow Kirie to overcome her terminal illness as it only allowed her to live far longer than those who normally suffered from such conditions. While losing much of the vision in her eyes due to her condition, Kirie was still capable of remotely sensing her nearby surroundings.

With Araya's help, Kirie gained the ability to project a second spiritual body that she could control through channeling her mind into it. With this body, Kirie could possess human bodies and plant hypnotic suggestions into their minds. In the case of her victims, she subjected them to a hypnotic state with the suggestion of committing suicide.

Voiced by
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Rie Tanaka
General Information Edit
Name: Kirie Fujyou
Name: 巫条霧絵
Romanji: Fujou Kirie
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie: Overlooking View
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