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Teenager Konpei daydreams about how his future wife might look, only to find her ghost sitting by his bedside. Kirara Imai has traveled back in time from her own death, hoping to rewrite history to keep her and her beloved Konpei together forever. Sure enough, as the apparition predicts, Konpei meets a girl called Kirara Imai and falls in love with her, but he is reluctant to tell her that they are destined to marry in seven years, or that she will be killed in an accident shortly afterward.

A clever variation on the quintessential time-travel story, this video was based on a 1993 Young Jump manga by Cream Lemon's Toshiki Yui. With an older, experienced woman initiating her husband-to-be into romance, and aiding in the seduction of her own younger self, it is a truly mind-bending set of paradoxes, not unlike the teen years it so subtly surveys. Beyond the story itself, the anime version increased the level of cheesecake and swimwear from the original manga-artful sci-fi or not, teenage boys will never complain about female nudity.

Also available in an extended edition that includes footage of the open casting call in 1998 where amateur actresses read for the part of the young Kirara. Though hyped at the time as a great way of obtaining raw young voices (a tactic also employed in His and Her Circumstances), the Kirara production was so delayed that sweet-16 actress Chiaki Ozawa was a strapping 18-year-old by the time the anime was released. N

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Name: Kirara
Release Date: Jan. 1, 2000
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 39 (mins)
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