A book editor and fan of Kirameki Mikawa finds herself in over head when she lands the job of her dreams.

Detailed Summary

Haruna Kasai, a book editor for three years, is given her dream job of working with Kirameki Mikawa. She arrives at his house and discovers that he is extremely eccentric and obsessed with beauty. Fumika delivers a Shigofumi to Kirameki, who asks Haruna to read it aloud. She does and is horrified to find out that is from a girl who committed suicide and was heavily influenced by Kirameki's glorification of death. Kirameki is apathetic to the issue and takes fault with prose of the letter and the boring envelope in which is was delivered and decides to burn it.

Haruna tries to talk him out of this but he refuses to show empathy to the girl. Fumika reveals herself to be Kirameki's daughter and shows disgust that he hasn't changed at all. She draws a gun on Kirameki but is interrupted by Natsuka Kasai, Haruna's younger sister, andKaname Nojima. The two of them were childhood friends of Fumika and decided to visit Kirameki because Kaname believes he has seen her around town despite the fact that she is in a coma. This startles Fumika and she drops her gun. Kirameki picks the weapon up and the episode ends with him shooting Fumika.

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