Kintoki and Gintoki

Kintoki and Gintoki is an anime episode of Gintama that was released on 10/11/2012

The fake Gintama continues to butt in on Odd Job Kin-chan, yet the people are being drawn more and more to him.

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Plot Summary

Tama tells a story of how Shinpachi and Kagura asked the genius inventor Gengai to create a robotic replacement of Gintoki because he was absent for so long. After several different versions, Gengai accidentally created a replacement that was self-aware and perfect in every way that Gintoki was flawed. The robot called itself Kintoki for its golden hair. It somehow used hypnotic waves to convince everyone that Gintoki never existed, and that Kintoki was the real hero this whole time.

In an attempt to remind people of the real main character, Gintoki forms his own Odd Jobs Trio with Sadaharu and Tama, but they keep getting one-upped by Kintoki. Feeling depressed, Gintoki considers jumping off a roof when he's supposedly there to stop another woman from jumping, but he accidentally dropkicks her instead. On the way down, he manages to save the girl (Sarutobi) from falling.

After that event, Gintoki's friends start to wonder if they remember Kintoki being different than they remember. Kintoki overhears some of these conversations, while Tama and Gintoki talk about their next move. As Gintoki considers leaving the planet for good, Tama decides to take action on her own, but ends up running into Kintoki.

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  • Opening Theme: Wonderland by FLiP
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