I Want to Watch This Series... But Where?!

Topic started by ImperiousRix on June 2, 2011. Last post by takashichea 2 months, 2 weeks ago.
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I would love to watch the original Kinnikuman series, but I have no idea where to find it.  Does anybody know any place where I can "honestly" view or purchase the series?   
You'd be doing a pro wrestling fan and a burgeoning anime fan a great service.  Thanks.
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If you're looking for the non-dubbed version I'm afraid you're out of luck. All the releases that 4Kids put out (which are pretty darn pricey by nowfor what you get for $39.99) were sold under the name of Ultimate Muscle with no Japanese language track to speak of. I wouldn't judge you if you decided to pursue less than legal means to get a non 4Kids version.

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I actually have seen the entirety of Ultimate Muscle when it aired ages ago on Fox Kids.  Despite its faults (many of them coming from the "awesome" 4Kids dub and rewrites), I was a big fan.  However, I probably won't be picking up the DVDs for the series anytime soon. 
What I was ACTUALLY referring to was the original Kinnikuman series that ran some time during the 80s if I'm not mistaken.  I don't believe it was ever released officially in America, but I know subtitled versions do exist... somewhere.  That's what I'm trying to find out. 
Thanks for the effort, though.
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@ImperiousRix:Ah, right. Didn't realise there was a prequel series (or rather, Ultimate Muscle was a sequel series). That would have explained a lot watching it as a kid!

You sure picked an obscure anime to watch haha. My usual "places" to get subbed series have turned up nothing, and what with the original series boxset going for $535 (!) on amazon.co.jp I don't think any new translator groups are going to pick it up. Apparently some subbed episodes found their way onto Youtube, but got taken down by Toei, and the translator group's website was taken down from wordpress. Apart from a few stray torrents here and there you might be out of luck.

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Thanks for all your effort.  I really appreciate it. 
It's a shame that the series may be virtually "lost", but I'll keep looking.
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@ImperiousRix: You're quite welcome. I know the pain of finding a potentially great show that has all but disappeared off the face of the internet.
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: Houtuko no gun is translating the original anime they are 54 epsiodes in enjoy!


Removed Pirated Links

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Please don't link to pirated sites. I removed your link.

Thank you.

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