Kingdom: The Tyrant

Kingdom: The Tyrant is an anime episode of Guilty Crown that was released on 02/09/2012

Arugo and Oogumo arrive to Tokyo to rescue Arisa for Okina. However, Arugo is stopped by Shu who has the whole school under his control. They find a startling truth about the Voids and how Hare truly died. Meanwhile, Keido, Haruka, and Seiga prepare to take their plans up a notch at GHQ.

Plot Summary

Opening theme:

"The Everlasting Guilty Crown" by EGOIST

An airplane carries Arugo and Oogumo over Tokyo; in a flashback, the leader of the Ming Hua group in Shanghai is in love with Arisa. Okina states that the man will negotiate with the other nations once they rescue Arisa. In the city, gunshots are heard, and Arugo sees students using Void to take vaccines. Arugo jumps in, but the students surround him only to see Arugo's emblem as Funeral Parlor. They bring him to the school. (Arugo is bit a suprised at Shu's accomplishments). In the center, Yahiro and the others take Void readings of the girl. Shu takes out her Void and congrats her for being rank A. Arugo asks Shu for Arisa, but Yahiro asks him to walk with them. At the docks, the students are salvaging vaccine from the war ship. Suddenly, one of the pumps malfunctioned which is connected to Souta. Shu stops them and tells them to let Souta figured out how to survive. The others protest, so Arugo goes against his orders. Shu has a Void weapon near Arugo's neck and tells that he will not let Arisa go due her Void. Also, he explains his plans to escape from Tokyo.

In a little prison, Arugo vents his rage; Tsugumi uses a robot to explain why Shu has become like this because a girl had died. Ayase tries to comfort Shu, but when Shu gets on her nerves, she slaps Shu. Shu tells her that if someone's there, he would have punished her. Outside of the city, Yuu talks to Mana about Shu who is collecting the shards. At GHQ, Keido and Seiga notices that Shu has been collecting Voids. Haruka is present to carry out her husband's wishes. At school, Arisa tries to leave her room to see Arugo, but the man with the glasses tries to stop her. Meanwhile, Kanon asks Yahiro if Hare died due to her Void. Back to Shu, Shu talks to Inori about his plans. He tells her that he needs her by his side. Suddenly, Shu gets a call about Arugo escaping. He chases Arugo to the gym, and Arugo insults him for pretending to be Gai with that scarf. In their fight, Arugo gets the upper hand on Shu. When Yahiro appears and gets Arugo to back away, a peice of metal falls on the girl. Even though Shu saves the girl, her Void got damaged. This results in the girl's death.

Looking at the grizzly scene, Arisa escapes; Yahiro calls secret service to set up a perimeter around the gym. Shu asks Yahiro if he's telling the truth about Hare's death. He suspects Hare died when her Void shatters. Yahiro explains he lied to him because Shu will not use Voids if it results in their deaths. Arugo tries to talk some sense to Shu, but Shu pulls out his Void. He laughs as he thinks about destroying Arugo's Void which could lead to his death. Meanwhile, Arisa tries to escape to warn everyone, yet Inori finds her and attacks her. At Okina's place, the man tells him to leave Japan as soon as he can and that the deal is over. At GHQ, Haruka and Keido stare at a person who has a necklace with a cross.

Closing theme:

"Kokuhaku" by Supercell

Points of Interest

  • Shu's Excuse: Arugo claims Shu is discriminating, but Shu states he's "distinguishing" the others.
  • Voids: When a person's Void breaks, they died. Two examples are Hare and the girl with the pigtails. Hare died because the helicopter fired at her bandages.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiromi Kato Character Artist/Designer
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Hiroyuki Yoshino (screenwriter) Series Composition The creator of Seikon no Qwaser who is also a screenwriter for Sunrise Studio.
Ichiro Okochi Series Composition Ichirō Ōkouchi is a novelist and screenplay writer. He wrote the screnplay for the anime series Code Geass, Code Geass R2, and Eureka Seven.
Yusuke Takeda Art Director Art Director for Occult Academy, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and 009-1
Hiroyuki Sawano Music He's the musician in Guilty Crown, Blue Exorcist, and more.


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