Bleach #43 - Kingdom of Hollows

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 02/04/2010

Plot Summary

The battle against Aizen’s Espadas continues as the Soul Reapers search for a way to defeat Barragan’s terrifying abilities. Meanwhile, Shunsui will need every trick in his bag to compete against Stark!

Hacchi and Soifon join up to fight Barragan. Love and Rose hold off Starrk into Kyoraku comes and defeats him. Halibel betrays the hollows and attacks Aizen. Aizen and Gin prepare to fight all there enemies. Kaname prepares to fight Hisagi and Sajin. Kensei takes Mashiro's place fighting Wonderweiss. When Hiyori goes full at Aizen Gin serverly hurts Hiyori and Shinji tries to help her.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 368 - The Fearless Child
  • Chapter 369 - Spit On Your Own God
  • Chapter 370 - Debating Life From the Throne of God
  • Chapter 371 - Kingdom of Hollows
  • Chapter 372 - The Metal Cudgel Flinger
  • Chapter 373 - Wolves Ain't Howl Alone
  • Chapter 374 - Gray Wolf, Red Blood, Black Clothing, White Bone
  • Chapter 375 - Execution, Extinction
  • Chapter 376 - Execution, Extinction 2
  • Chapter 377 - Shout at the Dark


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