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Kingdom Hearts is an manga series in the Kingdom Hearts franchise
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A concept where several characters from different, separate stories and series meet up.


A animal or even a person that is basically a slave to another person. Familiars typically are tame, obediant and magical, though not always.


The Heartless Emblem is usually on/wore by a Heartless or someone that controls them. The emblem is also sometimes seen on buildings that are associated with them.


Magic is an often used term in fiction. It is the concept of affecting the universe through supernatural methods and breaking the physical laws.

Princess Of Heart

Seven maidens with hearts of pure light, which are completely devoid of darkness. Their hearts are composed of the seven lights from the X-Blade. If they are all brought together with Xehanort's 13 vessels, the X-Blade will be forged.


Someone part of a royal family.

Storming the Castle

Much like the "tournament Style" of telling a story arc, it is when a small protagonist group storm an enemy base, facing off new powerful enemies in one to one combat, until they reached the "Big Bad Boss" of the story arc in a final showdown.


The character is summoned from some place else and generally it means he/she/it became someone's familiar.

Talking Animals

Usually special animals that have the ability to speak to humans. Talking animals are a big part in several animes and mangas

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