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It's definitely worth the purchase. I'll prepay in full so I can enjoy it with reckless abandon on the day of release - I've toyed with importing FINAL MIX on a few occasions, and never had it in me to play 358/2 DAYS, so this would be a huge win, both for me and for Square Enix.

I'm afraid you're right though, 2.5 probably isn't far behind and will almost definitely predate KH3. I'd love to see that, but I'm still bummed that they seem to have a team working on this that could, in theory, be developing KH3 (though who knows - maybe they are and they just haven't announced anything yet...).

I just hope we're getting a full HD remake of these games here and not a plain 'ol upscale job. They're (supposedly) giving FINAL FANTASY X a full remake as well, so hopefully that means we'll see KH get the same treatment with brand new in-game assets from scratch, not just a glossy finish and redone cut scenes (which were beautiful to begin with).


Oh for sure! This is a great idea to reunify the fan base outside of Japan. Over there it seems to be way more common and acceptable to release series offshoots/sequels/tie-ins on different portable consoles, whereas here portable gaming can be pretty divisive: not everybody has time/inclination (myself included) to play portable games.

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@NickTapalansky:Sounds like a half decent excuse to play the first game. And you should most definitely play dat 358/2 Days, unregardless of its ridiculous title. Despite my cool and detached handsome looks, it made me cry like a small child.

Not sure if that's a reason to want to play it though...

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Hmm, I'm not sure about this game. For new fans, I say go buy the original games unless this game fixes the awkward camera angles and any glitches that I cannot remember. I got the original Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, and Chain of Memories for my little sister, but I didn't get 358/2 days due to financial issues.

Plus, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 had Final Remixes that had extra bonuses such as extended Sephiroth and Cloud's dialogue scene or the cool keyblade, one winged Angel. If the HD remake has the final remix or better bonuses and fixed camera angles, it would be nice to play it.

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Ha! That's the best endorsement I've ever heard. I'm a tough one to pin down when it comes to portable gaming--my playing time is usually limited to evenings, and I'd much prefer to play on my big TV than a tiny screen--but any game that makes grown men weep is a must-play on my list. Well sold!


In fact, this remake is an HD update of KH1: FINAL MIX, so we'd be getting additional material not seen outside of Japan (short of YouTube clips, anyway). That's something cool to look forward to, at least!

Camera angles are another issue, though. I don't know if the original FINAL MIX addressed these but I certainly hope this edition does. That might come down to whether or not this is an HD "upscale" or a full remake. I'm pulling for the latter, but we won't know until more info comes out over the next year.

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