Kingdom Hearts Anime!

Topic started by RonnieR15 on Dec. 1, 2009. Last post by ShadowKnight508 4 years, 11 months ago.
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 I was simply just surfing the web one day and I found rumors that there might be a "Kingdom Hearts" anime. Can anyone verify this?
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No, there is no Anime version of KH and i don't think Disney will make one.
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@RonnieR15: @rein: It's always possible-- Disney actually has started doing some animation directly for the Japanese market, most notably a kids show called Fireball. That said, there's definitely no official word of such a project, and I wouldn't bet in favor of it happening either. I don't think Disney likes to be beholden to another company (in this case Square Enix) for its products.
It'd be kinda neat though. There IS a manga. :)
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It going to be hard to have a Anime about KH. I know that Disney is really strict on how Mickey, Goofy and Donald are portrayed.
If it ever happen, it be weird to watch all the Disney character speak in jap. since I'm so used to the English voice.
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no ones read kingdom hearts manga? also its some what ownend by square enix so they could make anime like finalfantasy 7 after advent children ova was really just a story about stigma

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can someone please tell me the link for the kingdom hearts manga?? and is it the whole story?? 
thanks :-)    
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@gia: Four mangas that cover the events from each of the games: KH1, KH2, KH: Chain of Memories and KH: 358/ 2 Days. The 358/ 2 Days one is still ongoing. As for the likelihood of an anime adaptation, there's the possibility, though I'd be concerned over the quality of it since a majority of video game based anime titles I've seen tend to suck.
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I tried the Kingdom Hearts me, it is slightly strange compared to the two Kingdom Hearts games (2002 and 2005) that I have played. Has anyone heard any news regarding the development of Kingdom Hearts III?
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