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Out of the all the cosplayers I saw walking the alleys of C2E2 (the Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo) a couple weeks ago, I noticed that Sora from KINGDOM HEARTS was represented quite frequently. There were at least three kids dressed up as him, putting him behind Ghostbusters and Stormtroopers as the most popular costume choice at the show. I bring that up because the Disney- Square key man is represented, once again, in these cute KINGDOM HEARTS figures we’ve found at we’ve Hobby Search (along with his pals, Cloud, Tifa, Axel and Riku).

Unless “The cuteness that way looking at me very much relaxed atmosphere” is actually some kind of free association English poem, I’ll have to say that the translations in this listing are a little off. What I can fish out of the cultural gap is that these five figures make up the first volume of the KINGDOM HEARTS Trading Arts Mini’s that's coming out in August. Each one is comprised of nine parts a piece and rings up for around $60 USD. That does certainly set these aside as being pretty pricey, but I suppose the prospect of these cute figures conjuring a “very much relaxed atmosphere” would justify the cost, right?
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They're keychains, aren't they?  You can get them individually if you look around (Amazon has some from various sellers).  I saw them listed in Diamond not too long ago, but I don't find them cute at all.  More creepy than anything....
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These are promoting the Cell phone KH game... Which I forget the name for...
but in the game the characters all look like that!
I want one!
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@Kris:  I know that there are cell phone charms with the same design. The ones in this article are purely figs only.
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I have no %$$&% clue how to look at em... but I would get one...
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cute, but their cold, unfeeling eyes make me feel slightly unsettled
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@John_Martone said:
" cute, but their cold, unfeeling eyes make me feel slightly unsettled "
This....and I am still waiting for word from Square Enix regarding Kingdom Hearts III....
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