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Kingdom Hearts is a franchise comprised of 4 manga series
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Kingdom Hearts is a quirky crossover between the characters of Final Fantasy and Disney characters.


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Kingdom Hearts is a video game cross-over with Disney and Final Fantasy characters. Mangas based on the Kingdom Hearts and Chain of Memories storyline has been released in Japan and the United States. The series revolves around a young boy named Sora who sets off for adventures.



Main Cast

Sora (ソラ Sora)

Sora is the main character who goes off in an adventure to save his friends and the world.

Goofy (グーフィー Guufii)

Goofy is a clumsy but big hearted soldier who serves King Mickey.

Donald Duck (ドナルドダック Donarudo Dakku)

Donald Duck is a gifted mage but short tempered who serves King Mickey.



Master Xehanort (マスター・ゼアノート Masutā Zeanōto)

Xehanort is a senior citizen who wanted to remake the Keyblade War.

In Other Media

Birth by Sleep

Released in Japan on January 9, 2010 and in North America on September 7, 2010 for the Playstation Portable.

Dark Seeker Saga

People thought that light came from Kingdom Hearts and vied for the light, thus commencing the Keyblade War. The X-Blade guarded Kingdom Hearts. The people made replicas known as keyblades. The war shattered the X-Blade into twenty shards: seven of light and thirteen of darkness. Kingdom Hearts is now swallowed by darkness. The hearts of children helped the world light up albeit split into many. Many years later, a man from Destiny Islands named Xehanort believed this world is just too small. He was encountered by his future Heartless to find 12 versions of himself in time. When he returned to the present, Xehanort fled to the Land of Departure, where he became a keyblade master. He got interested into history, especially the Keyblade War. He used Keyblade armor until he believed it would resist darkness. His classmate, Eraqus defied Xehanort and got scarred by Xehanort. Since he is old, he found a boy named Ventus who is suitable for a vessel. Ven failed the test so Xehanort extracted Ven's darkness and created Vanitas. Xehanort took the hurt Ven to Destiny Islands. During Ven's sleep he got healed by a newborn's heart. The heart helped heal Ven and gave him a keyblade. Ven was sent to Eraqus at the Land of Departure. There, he met Aqua and Terra. Unfortunately, he has amnesia.

Search for the X-Blade

4 years later, Aqua and Terra were examined for the Mark of Mastery. Aqua became a master since Xehanort gave darkness to Terra. All three searched for Master Xehanort but had different obstacles. For Terra, Xehanort seeked him as a vessel after releasing Aurora's heart of light and defeating Xehanort's friend, Braig. For Ven, he seeked memories while encountering Vanitas. For Aqua, she had to follow her friends. At Radiant Garden while fighting Unversed, a girl touched Aqua's keyblade. They came across Mickey Mouse. After defeating the Unversed, Aqua cast a spell on Kairi. "The light of you will lead you to the light of another." At Destiny Islands, Terra gave Riku a keyblade for wielding. At the Land of Departure, Eraqus prepared to kill Ven but Terra defied. Eraqus was later killed by Xehanort. All 3 people came to the Keyblade Graveyard to defeat Xehanort. Terra came across Xehanort. Ven got frozen while Aqua protected him. Ven thawed out by Vanitas. Vanitas told Ven the Unversed were created by Vanitas. As both Ven and Vanitas fused, Xehanort gave his heart to Terra. Terra's armor and mind resisted. The X-Blade was broken by Aqua since it was incomplete. The event ended the battle. Aqua put Ven's body to the Chamber of Awakening at the ruined Land of Departure. It would later become Castle Oblivion. At Radiant Garden, Aqua came across an amnesiac Xehanort. Aqua wanted Terra out of darkness. They fought against each other until Terranort's guardian sent Xehanort to the Darkness. Aqua sent her armor, her keyblade and Xehanort out of darkness so Aqua can stay alone for the next 11 years.

A Heartless And A Nobody

Xehanort was found by a teacher named Ansem the Wise as a student. Braig, his ally helped Xehanort recover. Sora came across Ventus' heart. Both hearts fused. Xehanort, Braig, Dilan, Even, Ienzo and Aeleus worked on experiments until Ansem banned them. Jealous, they sent Ansem to the Realm of Darkness. After working on the experiments, Xehanort fully recovered. He stabbed Braig with his keyblade. Xehanort claimed his name is Ansem. Xehanort took over Ansem's Reports. Xehanort later was split into a Heartless and a Nobody: Ansem and Xemnas. Over the next 9 years, Ansem and the Heartless ravaged various worlds. Ansem and Xehanort's ally Maleficent were tasked to find the Seven Princesses of Heart and open a gate to Kingdom Hearts. Xemnas was tasked to find 12 other Nobodies, hook them up to an artificial Kingdom Hearts and turn them all into 13 Xehanorts. Most of the members were inadequate. Just in case if Organization XIII fails, Ansem gave Xehanort the power of time travel for 12 future versions of himself. Sora, at Destiny Islands escaped to Traverse Town since the islands were destroyed. There, he had the ability to use a keyblade. At Traverse Town, he met Donald and Goofy to search for King Mickey. They traveled to various worlds and defeated Maleficent's gang of villains. They came to Hollow Bastion (Radiant Garden) where they met Beast. Riku became possessed by Ansem for a 13th vessel. Maleficent tried to defeat Sora twice, but was defeated herself. When Sora encountered Riku, he noticed that Kairi is a princess. Meanwhile, Xemnas found the Chamber of Repose at Hollow Bastion. The chamber helped Xemnas talk to Aqua's armor. After defeating Riku, Sora planned to seal the Keyhole. Instead, he used Ansem's keyblade to free his and Kairi's heart. This created his Heartless and Roxas. Roxas was recruited to Orgazniation XIII since he wields a Keyblade since he contains Ven's heart. When Sora's Heartless came across Kairi, he returned. After sealing the Keyhole, Sora came across Xemnas. After defeat from Sora, Xemnas came to darkness and talked to Roxas in his 6th day. Sora, Donald and Goofy confronted Ansem at the End of The World. Ansem was destroyed by the light of the real Kingdom Hearts. This helped free Xehanort's heart. Xion was created by Xemnas from Sora's data. She joined as number XIV. Sora, Donald, Goofy and Pluto came to Castle Oblivion. At the Castle, Sora's memories were erased and screwed up. Axel (Lea's Nobody) helped protect Sora from Marluxia. Riku was also at the Castle. Riku was guided by DiZ (Ansem the Wise). Both Sora and Riku defeated 5 members at the Castle. Riku came across an image of Xehanort's Heartless. This helped Riku wear a blindfold. Without a blindfold, he looked like Ansem. Namine (Kairi's Nobody) sent Sora to Memory Pod for sleep in a year for recovery. Xion was later killed. This made Roxas very upset and quit Organization XIII. Riku came to The World That Never Was to send Roxas to a Digital Twilight Town without memories. As Sora recovers, Roxas gets closer to Sora. When Sora woke up, Roxas and Sora fused. Sora, Donald and Goofy traveled to worlds in which they defeat Heartless. When they came to Hollow Bastion, Mickey told Sora, Donald and Goofy that Organization XIII's leader is Xehanort's Nobody. Sora and his friends defeat most of the Organization. Sora and Axel came to a brigde. Axel sacrificed himself so Sora can pass. At The World That Never Was, Ansem the Wise used an encoder to encode the artificial Kingdom Hearts. It was later destroyed after Ansem had a talk with Xemnas. This destruction reverted Riku, destroyed part of Kingdom Hearts and sent Ansem back to exile. Sora and Riku came face to face with Xemnas. Donald, Goofy and Mickey came to Disney Castle to code Jiminy's Journal. It was infected by Heartless. They created Data-Sora. Xemnas was destroyed by Sora and Riku. These deaths of Ansem and Xemnas lead to the return of Xehanort. These deaths of Heartless and Nobodies lead to the returns of Lea, Ienzo, Dilan, Aeleus and Even.

3D Dream Drop Distance

Released in Japan on 2012 and in North America on July 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS.

General Information Edit
Name: Kingdom Hearts
Name: キングダムハーツ,
Romaji: Kingudamu Hātsu
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