Kingdom Hearts II Characters

Kingdom Hearts II is an manga series in the Kingdom Hearts franchise
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Axel is a nobody, the 8th member of Organization XIII, and Roxas and Xion's best friend.


A large breed of heartless. One helps destroy the Destiny Islands.

Donald Duck

Donald is one of the people Sora travels with along with Goofy on their adventure. Donald is specialized in magic.


A low ranking Nobody. They often preform simple recon and courier operations.


Goofy along with Donald travels with Sora on their adventures. Goofy is skilled in Defense.

Jiminy Cricket

The official conscience for Pinocchio. He's also the chronicler of Sora's travels.


Kairi is Sora and Riku's childhood friend.

Master Xehanort

The Main Villain of the Dark Seeker Saga of Kingdom Hearts and is the original incarnation of Xenmas and Ansem. He seeks to remake the Keyblade War.

Mickey Mouse

The Western Cartoon Character who is part of the Kingdom Hearts Manga.


A unique Nobody who has the powers to alter Sora's memories and those he has connections with.


A childhood friend of Sora in the Kingdom Hearts series, Riku played the role of the villain after he embraced the power of darkness. Eventually, he broke free of it's control, helping King Mickey fight the heartless and Sora fight Organization XIII


Roxas is Sora's Nobody. He was created when Sora became a Heartless at Hollow Bastion. He deeply resembles Ven since he has Ven's heart.


A very common breed of Heartless. It is a purebred Heartless since it has no emblem, it can turn into and hide as a shadow giving it it's name.


Sora is a teenager who joins his friends in a fight against the Heartless and the Nobodies. He is the wielder of the Keyblade.


The Nobody of Master Xehanort. He is the leader of Organization XIII.

Yuffie Kisaragi

The ninja of Avalanche.

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