Kin-san's Kintama

Kin-san's Kintama is an anime episode of Gintama that was released on

Plot Summary

Tama tries to get away from Kintoki, but Kintama tells her not to interfere. When Kintoki grabs Tama's chin, Tama spits oil at Kintama and says Gintoki is better than him. Kintama attacks Tama with his rod and takes her left arm. He stabs in the heart and states that he will erase Gintoki's existence. Tama throws a screw at Kintoki's neck, and Kintoki stabs Tama in the head. After Tama utters that Gintoki is more sadistic, Gintoki grabs and rips Kintoki's crotch and jams it against Kintoki's eyes. He quickly grabs Tama and carries on her back. Tama apologizes for lying to Gintoki and asks him to save her data. She requests Gintoki to let her see his face, and Tama teases him about catching a shot of Gintoki crying. The two embrace each other. Kintoki calls Shinpachi and informs him about Tama's death. Next day, Tae and the cabaret girls, Kyubei, and Tsukuyo are handing out wanted Gintoki posters. A flashback shows Kintoki asking his friends to hunt down Gintoki for hurting Tama. After Taizo walks away from grandpa's place, Gintoki and the old man chat for a bit. Gintoki places the screw into Tama's palm. He sits on Sadaharu's back, and the old man mentions that Kintoki's weakness is missing a key quality in a true leader.

Meanwhile, Ayumu thinks of searching a naughty cosplay place, and Kyubei kicks him for his indecency. A young woman arrives and explains that she is going to be bait to draw the enemy. Tsukuyo and her find the woman interesting. Then, Taizo arrives with a cardboard camera, and Kyubei wears a nurse uniform. Tae tells Ayumu that Gintoki does not seem like the type of person to hurt Tama due to the incident when Gintoki saves Ayame. Tae explains that the real Gintoki was not open and that he would pick his nose and smirk. On the roof, Gintoki appears and flicks his booger. Everyone charges at Gintoki, and Sadaharu leaps off the roof. While everyone is chasing the fake Gintoki balloon on Sadaharu's back. Tsukuyo and her gang try to stop Gintoki. Then, Ayame arrives to the scene, and she tells Tsukuyo to get out of the way. Kyubei also arrives and states that they are unsure whether Kintoki or Gintoki is right. While the girls bicker over who will kill Gintoki, Gintoki helps them kill him without feeling guilty. He dupes them in wearing blindfolds while he makes a run for it. Gintoki saves Tsukuyo from being hit by her gang's kunai. Tsukuyo remembers Gintoki for a brief moment. Gintoki walks to the roof where Ayumu stabs him through the door. He kicks down the door and uses the door with Ayumu to hit Kyubei. With Kyubei falling down the roof, Gintoki saves Kyubei who suddenly remembers Gintoki. She throws Gintoki down, and Gintoki crashes into Ayame. Then, Ayame remembers Gintoki, too.

On the ground, the three girls asks why Gintoki isn't fighting back. Gintoki states this town is good which makes the girls' resolve crumble bit by bit. The girls start to have tears in their eyes, and Kintoki appears to finish the job. Tsukuyo, Kyubei, and Ayame step up to protect Gintoki.

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Anime References

  • City Hunter - When Taizo asks the old man to write XYZ

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  • Opening Theme: Wonderland by FLiP
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Hidaeki Sorachi Original Concept A manga artist who is best known for his series Gintama. He is seen in Gintama as a gorilla.


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