Kimi No Iru Machi

Kimi No Iru Machi is an manga series in the Kimi no iru Machi franchise
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Alternatively known as Kimi no iru machi or A Town Where you Live, it is a shonen romance manga initially set in Hiroshima.


Kimi no iru Machi is a shonen romance series by Seo Kouji and is initially set in his hometown of Hiroshima. It ran from 2008 to 2014 in Weekly Shonen Magazine, and shares continuity with his previous work Suzuka.


  • Kodansha (Japan)
  • Crunchyroll (Available Digitally)

Publishing History

Limited Editions

  • Special versions of Volumes 17 & 18 of the manga came with the first 2-episode OVA series
  • For those who pre-ordered them the penultimate and final volumes of the manga, 26 & 27 came with a second set bonus OVAs, the first covering the formation of Haruto & Takashi's friendship with Akari, the second shows the series ending from the heroine Yuzuki's perspective.

Special Fantasy 200 Chapters

To promote the DVDs and Blu-rays of the anime series, bonus chapters of the manga were given away with pre-orders of the discs. These out-of-continuity stories depict alternate scenarios where Haruto settled down with different characters from the main series.


Kimi no iru Machi focuses on the love life of Haruto Kirishima, a young man who lives in the countryside of Hiroshima. His life takes a tumultuous turn when Yuzuki Eba, the child of an old acquaintance moves in with them so that she can attend school in the countryside. Haruto is troubled by this, not only because a stranger is suddenly living with him, but because he fears that having a girl his own age living with him could complicate his hopes of starting a relationship with his crush, Nanami Kanzaki.

While the series begins in Hiroshima, it later moves to Tokyo and follows Haruto through several years of his life.


Haruto Kirishima - The series protagonist. Haruto is a fairly shy individual, who usually tries to be helpful, and enjoys cooking.

Yuzuki Eba - The manga's heroine and main love interest. She is an outgoing but clumsy girl who is the daughter of a friend of Haruto's father.

Nanami Kanzaki - Haruto's middle school crush and classmate. She has a demure demeanour and also enjoys cooking.

Kyosuke Kazama - one of the first friends Haruto makes in Tokyo, while he tries to help Haruto with his love-life he ends up complicating it severely.

Asuka Mishima - a softball-loving girl who is a mutual friend of Kazama and Haruto. While she and Haruto don't get along to begin with, they grow far closer over time.

General Information Edit
English Name Kimi No Iru Machi
Japanese Name: 君のいる町
Publisher Kodansha
Start Year 2008
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Aliases A Town Where You Live
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