Summer 2013 Trailer: Kimi no Iru Machi

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  • Produced by Gonzo
  • Genre: comedy, drama, romance
  • Release Date: July 13, 2013

Kirishima Haruto is your average Hiroshima Prefecture countryside Japanese student that is about to start his 3 year high school life. But before that happens a girl from Tokyo, Eba Yuzuki, whose father is the friend of Haruto's father, shows up at his house to live with him and his family so she can attend the same high school. Haruto isn't happy of the situation; a stranger that happens to be a girl of his same age, not his relative, living in the same house like him will cause complications. Truth is Haruto has another girl in mind, Kanzaki Nanami, whom Haruto has hidden feelings for since middle school. And so starts his complicated life.

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I searched the Japanese name on Google to find a default image. Oh man, a lot of manga pages had boobs and butts just pop up. I think this anime was based on a hentai or an ecchi series.

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