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Kimi ni Todoke is an anime series in the Kimi ni Todoke ~ From Me to You franchise
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Just bad :x Reviewed by Adanadhel on Jan. 7, 2011. Adanadhel has written 16 reviews. His/her last review was for Pandora Hearts. 26 out of 43 users recommend his reviews. 0 out of 4 users found this review helpful.
 I'm new on this whole writing reviews stuff, but I find most adequate starting them with a sentence that summarizes what to be expected from the anime.
On Kimi ni Todoke's case the general idea is: a romance in which the characters have near to zero attitude.

The story in Kimi ni Todoke is really lame. The mix of romance, comedy and drama, very common in shoujos is poorly done here. The characters have unbelievable reactions in the situations they are exposed, a single smile is enough to be head over heels with someone and the whole series drags on how none of them will do absolutely  nothing to try getting some development on the romance component of this show. 
The comedy is often out of place, just as a relief more than anything else. The comic expressions are amusing in the beginning of the show, but later on they feel totally unnecessary.
The drama... what drama? Some silly conflicts due to the lack of attitude or unbelievable reactions is what they call drama in this series.

The only thing I liked in this series is the art. The sceneries are beautifully portrayed, the characters design is also really nice and the whole shoujo atmosphere is satisfactorily enhanced.

It's been a week or two since I watched Kimi ni Todoke and I can't remember anything about the soundtrack. In my case, this means the soundtrack had absolutely nothing special. 

Overall, if you're a fan of romances with no development and want to waste precious time of your life, go for it!=D Go watch Nana or Honey & Clover instead...XP    
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