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Well, that was precious.

I suppose my track record with slice-of-life on this column hasn’t been too kind and, at this stage, there’s no point in trying to dispute that. If I could append another point I once made in a Vice Pit episode, I’ll say that a story’s placement on the “Art and Entertainment” sliding scale honestly has a lot to do with how easy it is to comment upon for a column like this.

When I get done with an episode of a wild fantasy like MADOKA MAGICA, I can speculate about what the machinations of Kyubey are shaping up to, muse upon the show’s effectiveness in breaking down the Magical Girl genre or even stick with the basics of just saying that one particular collage-animation battle with a witch was especially cool.

What is there to discuss for a show like KIMI NI TODOKE? Speculating about what cute little characters moments could come next episode feels kind of silly. Comparing the young amore with the wistfully unrealized romances of my own teenage years might be interesting… for one post. The show’s comedy is so light that there aren’t really any solid gags to recount, either (the confusion between the lead and Sadako from the RING movies is… mildly amusing?)

So what does that leave with me? Not much to discuss - - and that’d be the case, even if this was a good show.

As it happens, I didn’t this was that great. No, it wasn’t awful. It’s just there. And I’ve dismissed good slice-of-life shows in the past, so there’s even less reason to even entertain the notion of following this series here. Again, it’s just so overly precious. If you can look at cuteness as an exploitative ingredient on the order of sex and violence (and that’s really not that far of stretch), you’ll know that I think you can get away with any such ingredient as long as there’s enough self-awareness and humor about its use.

Well... KIMI NI TODOKE could use a bit more funny self-awareness.

Watch this episode, "Prologue” here and decide for yourself.

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What makes this series great is indeed the precious of it and the development Sawako goes through as she learns to be more open with others. It is a show that is very hard to discuss due to it nature and for many it is hard to tell if it is good since nothing is horrible or wrong about it but doesn't due anything for them. For people like me who like slice of life shows this was one of the best.

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Basically the entire premise of the show/manga, and its entire draw, is (and it's a decent draw in of itself) "Oh, look how nice these two people are! Don't they deserve each other? Look at them being nice!" It's sweet, but I was doubtful that they could stretch that skeleton of a premise out for as long as it went on, so I lost interest pretty quickly.

Honestly I wouldn't mind a W & L on Wolf's Rain.

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You might want to consider My Little Monster currently airing on Crunchyroll. It's also a romantic comedy, but a little more lively. The male lead certainly spices things up in ways that Kazehaya from Kimi Ni Todoke could never do.

Have not watched second season of Kimi Ni Todoke yet, but I certainly felt a little tired by the end of the first season. It was great and extremely lovable, but yeah.

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I think the interesting thing is the transfer of power between the two characters. As Sawako grows Kazehaya shrinks, and the two finding the proper balance is interesting, yet slow and unremarkable. That being said, I hold Kimi Ni Todoke as one of the best romantic anime I've ever watched, but it would be a hard one to do running commentary on.

My Little Monster on the other hand? AURON570's right when he says the show is lively, and that Haru's a far more interesting protagonist to watch and comment on.

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