Kill Time Communication manga credits

Kill Time Communication is a anime/manga company
Aflame Inferno (2006 - 1 Issues)

Aflame Inferno (manhwa) is a manga series written by Lim-Dall Young and illustrated by Kim-Kwang Hyun.

1 issue
Agake (2007 - 1 Issues)

1 issue
Bakunetsu Sentouki (unknown year - 1 Issues)

1 issue
Brandish (unknown year - 3 Issues)

3 issues
Comic Unreal Anthology Series: Lilith Collection (2008 - 3 Issues)

Comic Unreal Anthology Series: Lilith Collection is a manga anthology from various artists and authors around the Lilith series of ero-games.

3 issues
Cute Devil Girlfriend (2013 - 1 Issues)

1 issue
Freezing (2007 - 21 Issues)

Freezing is a Japanese-Korean manga series that written by Dall-Young Lim, who did Unbalance x2, and illustrated by Kwang-Hyun Kim.

21 issues
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Jill Max!! (2006 - 1 Issues)

1 issue
Kangoku Senkan (2011 - 1 Issues)

Kangoku Senkan is the manga adaption of the Kangoku Senkan ero-anime series.

1 issue
Koimoku (2011 - 1 Issues)

When a young manga artist who streaks in failure takes a drastic turn when he was hired by a famous B-rated editor. Written by Lim Dall-Young Lee and illustrated by Hae-Won Lee.

1 issue
Megami Crisis (2011 - 12 Issues)

Megami Crisis is a collection of ero-manga from various artists and authors.

12 issues
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Onihime VS (2007 - 3 Issues)

Onihime VS is a Korean manga series that was written by Lim-Dall Young, writer who did Unbalance x2 and Freezing.

3 issues
Taimanin Asagi Anthology Comics (2007 - 1 Issues)

Taimanin Asagi Anthology Comics is collection of comics from various artists based on the Taimanin Asagi series, created by LILITH.

1 issue
Taimanin Asagi Chigyaku no Ankoku Yuugi The Comic (2012 - 1 Issues)

Taimanin Asagi Chigyaku no Ankoku Yuugi The Comic is a manga adaptation of the Taimanin Asagi ero-anime series.

1 issue
Witch Hunter (2006 - 1 Issues)

1 issue
Wrestle! The Under Ground (2010 - 3 Issues)

Wrestle! The Under Ground

3 issues
Ziggurat (2009 - 2 Issues)

Trinity, is a sexy and smart female “phantom” thief interested in archeological treasures she is pursued relentlessly by a hot-blooded high school senior sleuth. Who will win in this cat-and-mouse game?

2 issues
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