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Kill la Kill is an anime series in the Kill la Kill franchise
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A fun, manic action-comedy paying homage to older action anime. Reviewed by Dream on March 28, 2014. Dream has written 157 reviews. His/her last review was for Parasyte -the maxim-. 317 out of 332 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.

I was getting vibes of Gurren Lagann watching Kill la Kill in its 24-episode run and I mean it in a good way. Like Lagann being a homage to old-school mecha anime, Kill la Kill is an action-comedy paying homage to old-school action anime with hot-blooded young fighters, crazy attacks, a ridiculously powerful student council, overly elaborate plot twists and over-the-top villains. It also packs plenty of revealing attire and nude bodies in its focus on superpowered clothing being capable of granting its wearer superhuman attributes and unique abilities, as well as a resistance group consisting of folks who wear nothing but strategically placed military equipment.

Like Gurren Lagann, the series does sport substance to it beyond being a hodge-podge of cliches to poke fun of. While the first half starts off somewhat formulaic as Ryuko's abilities with her uniform Senketsu increase and she takes on the school's student council in a gauntlet-style tournament battle, the second half of the series shifts into a somewhat more serious and grand ongoing plot when major details are revealed concerning the origins of the superpowered uniforms, who kill Ryuko's father, some shocking revelations about Ryuko's origins, some seemingly villainous major characters from the first half not being as they seem on the surface and two new major villains coming into play for the second half. While these revelations may feel like the typically too convenient or cheap plot twists you would expect from a long-running shounen battle series, the show's direction was clear and there were some hints dropped that things may not be seemingly ordinary with elements to the title's plot and characters with the typical mold it seemingly had on the surface for much of its first half. The only major issue I have with the series was that there were points where the first half to Kill la Kill dragged in terms of developing its plot since it was fixated to a good extent on milking action anime cliches.

Visually, the series milks use of subdued color tones and a drawing style for scenery and character designs almost like the work done by Gainax. The animation makes use of a number of standard techniques and shortcuts employed for 90s action anime, while mixing in its own unique spins to such tactics such as Nui's limited movements and cheap-like animation for much of her battles. The choices for Kill la Kill's animation are a great fit to compliment the title's over-the-top and manic action sequences.

Overall, Kill la Kill was a fun run for 24 episodes with its manic comedy, over the top action and elements to older action anime being a nice combination for an action-comedy title. If you enjoyed Gurren Lagann, you're likely to get similar enjoyment out of this series.

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