KILL LA KILL #18 Isn't That Surprising

Topic started by No_name_here on Feb. 12, 2014. Last post by FoxxFireArt 1 year, 1 month ago.
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C’mon… now who didn’t see all that coming?

I’m not just referring to Ryuko and Satsuki’s (pun intended) blood ties. Pretty much everybody watching was convinced by the fourth episode that these two would-be rivals were eventually going to team up. The real surprise here, of course, is that Satsuki has actually been using her entire private school as a facade to stage a rebellion against her mom. Turns out that all this battling with a Ryuko was just a means of testing her half-sister’s mettle to see if she had what I took to fight in this insurrection...

This surprise is probably going to make less sense if we ever go back over the various flashbacks and try to reconcile the secret origins of the school council with this added infomration. I also question the logic of all these kids being so adamantly against clothing and life fibers and whatnot when they’re still using their Goku uniforms to fight the real bad guys.

Taking a step back from that questioning, I realize I’m trying to evaluate KILL LA KILL in terms of logic when the show so clearly wears its amusement at any of that stuff on its sleeve. I’ve already made my point about this in previous write-ups, but I’ll still contend that one of the show’s biggest failings is its unsuccessful attempt to walk a line between comedy and drama.

All the philosophizing about clothing is mumbo jumbo we’re intended to laugh at - - yet it’s still occupying as much screenplay as it were a serious dissertation. It’s especially hard not to roll your eyes during Satsuki’s monologues on the subject. Characters can die, they can be brought back, they can face bloody setbacks, and none of it matters because the show stresses that it’s all ridiculous. There’s no point in speculating about what comes next because none of it carries any weight.

Evil Strawberry Shortcake’s pithy one-liners continue to be quite sharp, though. I want to see more of her every time she’s on screen. She’s great heel in the wrong show, maybe.

Watch, Into the Night” and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode.

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I kinda of get what your saying about the shows tone, However that said...., OMG!! This episode was immensely Entertaining, But In all honesty I did not find the wacky tone here all That different from Trigger's prior show, It's an odd mix to be sure, but I feel whatever weight the show Carries still comes from the larger than life personas clashing for what They believe in, I think it's absolutely priceless that Satsuki was lusting For revenge all this time just as Matoi was, Yes I had my suspicions all this time for that incoming twist, even the one about The two being sisters, However what blew me away was the execution, done with such Nerve breaking, fist pumping style and explosive enthusiasm!, (though it could have come a bit sooner) bravo Trigger! Dragon ball Z, One Piece and Gurren Lahgan, were all plenty silly on all fronts, Kill La Kill may have trouble keeping a straight face, but it's junk food of the best kind, shlock drama? Maybe,
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I was on episode 13 and jumped the gun, watched this episode and now my mind is totally blown... WTF. Even though I am lacking in information, this was still a really entertaining episode. It was crazy harsh how the mother wooped satsuki, she has sort of been invulnerable since the beginning of the series and now this, got really crazy real quick.

Post by FoxxFireArt (2,654 posts) See mini bio Level 25

I called this betrayal and supporting Ryuko from the shadows back in mid-January. I wrote a whole blog post called The Turning of Satsuki Kiryuin!

I don't see how Satsuki's faction using Life Fibers is a problem. It's no different than using the Gunmen against the Beast-men in GURREN LAGANN. Use your enemies' weapons against them. It's not as if she could create a kamui, so she formed an army of lesser powered soldiers. Life Fibers doesn't strike me as any different or bizarre than Spiral Energy. I'm loving the theme of clothing.

I'm not sure that Ryuko and Satsuki are half-sisters rather than direct. They just tried to experiment on Satsuki at one year-old, then she decided to next try on the child she was currently carrying. Isshin Matoi may very well be Satsuki's father under a different name.

I'm absolutely adoring this series, story and all. I'm now wondering what will become of Satsuki now that Ragyo has taken Junketsu and Bakuzan has been broken. Satsuki has always been using Junketsu in Override and not Synchronizing. Although, now knowing Ryuko's origins, I'm wondering if it's that Satsuki can't synchronize with a kamui.

There's an interesting dynamic that's been going on that I don't think many would notice if you don't understand honorific use. Before, Satsuki has always called her mother Oka-sama, but notice now she's using just her name with no honorific. It's sort of a nonverbal way of expressing that she doesn't even recognize Ragyo as her mother.

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It had one of the best lines " I have a grave yard full of bones to pick with you! "

Sure some of it ya could see a mile away but the ride to get there has been a luney tune blast.

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I hope Kill la Kill play hard in the future to get with the surprises. The alien Life Fiber guess I made came true. I hope it didn't came true because I felt it's too close to Gurren Lagann's root. It was an entertaining episode with over the top blood bath and creepy scene where Ragyo felt Satsuki's crotch.

The whole sister revelations didn't come to mind for me. I thought they were going to become allies. I'm still waiting on ZombiePie's theory of Senketsu being Ryuko's father.

Now, I truly believe Bigz007 and Hitsusatsu11's claims of Satsuki being raped by her mother.

Post by Lurkero (431 posts) See mini bio Level 7

I also wish that the actions in Kill La Kill held more weight, but overall the series is still enjoyable as an over-the-top satire "uniforms" making the person. It does seem a little hypocritical for the kamui to still take up so much screen time when the students openly shun them, but I feel that the message is that they want the uniforms gone, not that the uniforms do not grant power. Perhaps there will be a plot twist where someone gets power from something other than a uniform, or something like "haki" in One Piece where the power is nullified by the person's self-determination.

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I just KNEW they were sisters right from the beginning, it just felt right. I was thrown off a few times but I kept hoping, so it was very satisfying to see the truth revealed during this episode.

I enjoyed the fact that Satsuki's betrayal was a complete surprise to Ragyo. Normally in this kind of situation the big bad turns around and claims to have known all about such planned treachery right from the start, but nope, it appears she hadn't even considered the possibility.

Oh and Tom, like Fox pointed out, it looks like Satsuki and Ryuko are full sisters rather than half. My guess is either Isshin Matoi was simply Souichirou Kiryuin in disguise/hiding, or he was a fellow scientist, bringing her up as his own.

Also holy shit Ragyo really is a monster. Experimenting on her own children and tossing them down the garbage shoot when they die? That is NOT OKAY.

...she does look good wearing Senketsu, though.

@FoxxFireArt said:

There's an interesting dynamic that's been going on that I don't think many would notice if you don't understand honorific use. Before, Satsuki has always called her mother Oka-sama, but notice now she's using just her name with no honorific. It's sort of a nonverbal way of expressing that she doesn't even recognize Ragyo as her mother.

Yeah I picked up on that. It adds a subtle extra layer of hate/disrespect I can appreciate, and cements the fact that up until now Satsuki's role as obedient daughter was all an act.

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I called Ryuuko and Satsuki teaming up to a point, but NOT the retaliation of COVERS nor the both of them being full blooded sisters at all. To top it all off, Ragyo IS a damn monster and one from the start of it all, literally (Who the royal fuck does an hardcore medical science experiment like that to a recently born baby!?). I hope the series keeps it up with the story since it had me on edge for the last three weeks.

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I actually most liked how the Elite Four are now all on the level of Nui, who before could defeat even Ryuko with ease. It gives us all a good reason why she can't just troll Ryuko and Satsuki when the real threat, Ragyo and her army of Life Fibers is right in front of them. Though I must say, I didn't expect Ryuko and Satsuki to be declared sisters. I just expect them to be cousins, or close childhood friends.

I fully expect more epic fight scenes in the next episode, and perhaps Ryuko will turn herself and Senketsu into life fibers, and merge with Satsuki to battle Ragyo. And maybe Ragyo will merge with all the life fibers to become one large monster. This is going to be amazing!

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Are Ryuko & Satsuki half-sisters or full sisters? I saw no indication that they had different biological parents. I'm guessing that Isshin Matoi found the discarded Ryuko and raised her as his own.

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@VinceA said:

I'm guessing that Isshin Matoi found the discarded Ryuko and raised her as his own.

That seems logical to me too. He did seem too old to be her father anyway.

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I've said it before in other write ups and you don't respond but I'll repeat it again you really don't understand farce we are not supposed to be laughing at the philosophizing here yes the rest of the show is silly but it is using that sillyness to make a point and the point is still supposed to be taken seriously. Remember Ms. Doughtfire? Rather silly movie but still with point and heart, and again all theater of the absurd does this also. Gurran Lagan, Panty and Stocking were wonderfully silly at points but also tried to make points more or less successfully. For me this doesn't go into Panty and Stocking territory where I would agree with you the dressing is to silly for me to take the point attempting to be made seriously. I also have to say I didn't see the blood relationship between the two (so has this now become a farce version of Star Wars?) coming OR the teaming up of the two characters but I stopped trying to predict the things in this show after the 2nd episode.

In a culture obsessed with clothes and cosplay the point of this show is needed - and that point makes the inevitable cosplay of this show hella ironic...

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I disagree entirely with ppl s notions that because the show has comedic or over the top tendencies that the plot doesn't matter. Thats simply not the case. There are animes where this is true, but KLK is not among them. Compare an anime like Dr. Slump, where the plot line does truly take a back seat to comedy, and you'll immediately see the contrast with KLK-which is similar to guren lagann or even dragonball in that while over the top antics and gags exist, it is ultimately plot driven. Nui and mako's cartoonish antics dont bother me, I only wish theyd tone down some of the nudist beach stuff.
Episode 18 was episode of the year so far imo, and I mean among all anime not just KLK. And incase that 'chakra message' wasn't explicit enough after this episode I dont think theres any doubt that Ragyo sexually molests Satsuki.
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Did anyone else think that fat butler from the mansion Ryuko had tied up was literally Hitler?

Also, yeah, Ryuuko just had her heart ripped out from her chest. All that happened to Ragyo was getting crucified and later beheaded and it didn't slow her down one bit. She'll be fine.

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I'm actually more interested now in seeing how Ryuko and Satsuki will interact now that they know they're sisters, and Satsuki has been cleared of Isshin's death by Nui. There's really no more reason to hate her so intently, other than just holding a grudge.

I don't think this will be as simple as Isshin just finding baby Ryuko. Everyone needs to remember that Isshin did work for Ragyo at one point.

I have to applaud Trigger on their previews. They give nothing away.

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