KILL LA KILL #12 Sheds Blood for Our Emotions!

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That’s just the thing about symbiotes, ain’t it? Sooner or later, they’re going to consume their wearer and turn ‘em into a bestial monstrosity who has to be talked back to their senses by a loved one. (See any number of stories starring “Black Spider-Man” and Venom for reference). I do like how the series continues to fit Ryuko’s hot blood into the plot like it’s literally some precious substance. This menstruation metaphor is proving to be surprisingly versatile, huh?

While we’re on the subject of blood, maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention before, but I don’t remember there being any prior suggestion that Mako’s father is an unscrupulous back-alley quack? Maybe it was one of those quick-change background gags. Either way, her anxiety about Ryuko’s losing blood as being a spendthrift waste akin to leaving a lightbulb on was one of this episode's better gags.

I continue to find this new villainess, Nui, to be just delightfully sinister. Sure, on paper, we feel obligated to say we prefer a morally gray villain - - but there’s just something far more entertaining about a heel whose evil is so over-the-top, you love to hate her. Maybe I’ll need to take a few steps back and tally all these shows I've been watching. Why does her villainy feel so rare that all her manic cruelties are just a breath of fresh air? (Perhaps fresh air that will slowly over-stimulate your sensory nerves until they start dying off, but fresh air nonetheless)

Now that we know Ryuko’s old man designed the scissor sword with the express purpose of nullifying the powers of the Goku suits, I suspect these subsequent episodes will see a new weapon being developed. If the Student Council is going to puts into effect all the data they just went through such trouble gathering, there's got to be some reciprocal escalation, too, right?

Watch, Spit Your Sadness Away” and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode.

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There have been many references to Mako's Dad being a back-alley quack all the way back to when Ryuko & Mako met. They might not have mentioned it in the last few episodes but the mentions have been there... but the show does move at a pretty fast clip so it might be easy to miss some stuff

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If this happen more than once, then.....

Oh no. Satsuki!

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War... war never changes.

Till they started using life fiber uniforms.Schools going on a warpath for control of the other schools.The fallout from this will be interesting.

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I really enjoyed this episode, BUT I have some concerns. The EVA similarities are really starting to get stupid. I mean yeah they have been referencing it since day one, but this was a little too on the nose.

However, my big fear is that in trying to parody and invert every single action anime trope we are going to be treated with a training episode. Right now it looks like Nudist Beach is going to help train Matoi, but whoever it is...God please make it painless. Training episodes are just...the worst.

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More and more, Satsuki is starting to impress me. There's just something about her that draws me in. I don't know if it's the character's presence, power, or sense of honor that makes me respect her. She ordered the evacuation of the school when she went to fight, tried to reason with Ryuko to snap her out of it, gave Mako a chance to save her, and openly took responsibility for Nui's going after Isshin.

She has a very Vegeta-esque quality, but I think I like her more. At this point, when I hear the sound of the spotlight clicking on, and Satsuki's theme starts up. I just start grinning.

I'm so happy this isn't a twelve episode series.


You can't show the all power and ability of the kamui but not show there is some cost of consequence. This raises the specter or threat of Ryuko losing control again in the future. You also just can't talk about it. You have to show it happening.

I don't see yet how Nudist Beach will be training Ryuko. Tsumugu Kinagase just said he was going to need training, after he was completely overwhelmed.

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Liked the episode, but Mako's scene in snapping Ryuko and getting between Satsuki and Ryuko with the power of rainbows and friendship just made it awkward. Mako's slapping scene was dragged on too long.

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Huh? Is your sarcasm-fu so strong that I'm not picking it up? The first time we meet Mako's father, we learn about his back alley job. Mako's rather proud of her Dad's job. That's part of the whole "being overly optimistic about living in the slums" joke. I wonder if Mako and family are a reference to some anime or live action. It seems a lot of KlK is a take on other things.

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