KILL LA KILL #11 Introduces Evil with Style! -- Watch & Learn

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Now, that’s how you introduce a new heel…!

Zombiepie’s got this show’s number pretty square. While I suppose any battle in an adventure series is going to be predictable, on that basic level, fight tournament set-ups like this make it almost impossible to forget how things are going to play out. It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that you, the viewer, are just playing along with as the show goes through its paces.

That said, KILL LA KILL has really fallen into a wire-crossing rhythm like ATTACK ON TITAN where it’s delivering the good and bad at the same time. None of the individual battles with the Student Council heads should be longer than half-an-episode, and this “mini-arc” should’ve really been wrapped up in a couple episodes. At the same time… the amount of creativity on display here - - especially with the design of the villains’ powers - - is nothing short of brilliant. Even when I feel that giving the band leader an extra gimmick is excessive, I’m still marveling at the ingenuity of it.

Bringing it back to my first point, this same rock/suck double whammy applies just as solidly to the villainess who makes her debut at the end. It’s almost like Trigger was intentionally trying to bore you with the length of the tournament, just so they could give you that cathartic release when she makes her Akuma-like dramatic entrance.

As weird as it sounds, I think cruelty is something you don’t see enough in the villains of these shows. Yeah, they do bad things, but they haven’t been designed well enough to make you love to hate them. So, you can imagine how much I was digging this evil cutie pie’s taunting monologue to Ryoko - - capped off with a dramatic reveal of the other scissor! It actually wasn’t the Council Leader, after all!

I’ll be tuning in next week to see what dark secret this unveils, of course, and I’m sure that unveiling will cross all the same wires, once again.

Watch, “I'm Not Your Cute Woman” and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode.

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Dat Mistress Raygo soundtrack is too awesome!! I get chills everytime! Now THAT is how a villain should be done!!

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Note some of the classic songs the band 3 star was using were often in looney toones.Red thread of fate was mentioned to.

So at this point you can say this is a looney toone adult cartoon?Or a extreme over the top reconstruction of high school tornament anime?

ill just call it fun.

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Hell yes!!, this episode kicked all kinds of ass for me, Finally after all that build up the scope explodes, Perhaps Ryoko and the council president will have to fight along side each other after all, Given that there are obviously much bigger fish to fry, And that ending......SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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@SpectroRaphael said:

Dat Mistress Raygo soundtrack is too awesome!! I get chills everytime! Now THAT is how a villain should be done!!

That's Hiroyuki Sawano's work for you. He was in charge of Attack on Ttitan, Guilty Crown, and other anime's sound tracks.

I don't think Nui is the murderer of Ryuko's father. That's my gut feeling.

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I'm so glad we are done with the Four Kings/Divas fights. Like I have been saying let's burn through those fights as soon as possible so is that the show can get to the actual meat of what it is going to be about. Also, fingers crossed that we get a new set piece. I mean Jesus Trigger, you have a character with rainbow hair but you couldn't be bothered to give us battle locations other than this arena? The best fight thus far is STILL the first Senketsu vs. Junketsu battle when Mataoi and Satsuki are just tearing through the entire school and not stuck in some lame arena.

Finally this episode had a lot of off-putting examples of interspersed limited animation scenes that just kind of stuck out. Like when Uzu gets kicked off of the arena and he has no frames of animation he is just flying across the just looked really bad. It's a nit picky thing, but it's something I'm starting to notice more and more of.

So overall I like this new episode because it holds promise for the future.

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I'm still wondering when TRIGGER will unleash the full power of their limited animation budget. Maybe in the second half.

Also, Satsuki + Elite 4 will team up with Ryuuko to fight her mother's company. You heard it here first.

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@DocHaus said:

Also, Satsuki + Elite 4 will team up with Ryuuko to fight her mother's company. You heard it here first.

You want to know my even crazier prediction? I think

Satsuki and Matoi are sisters, and Satsuki's mom killed their father to create Senketsu.
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My money is on the Mom stil beingl the killer, and I bet she had some kind of romantic entanglement with Ryoko's Dad. Yet another red herring!

EDIT: Well, I just saw episode 12. No more need for speculation! That was the pinnacle of the season! We are all just actors in Mako's play. She is dramedy awesome.

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