KILL LA KILL #10 Delights And Richie Branson Puts It to a Rap

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Chalk it up to simple, arbitrary taste, I guess, but I’ve found Nonon, the student council’s band leader, to be the most intriguing of our arch villainess’ horsemen. There’s just something so delightfully ludicrous about an evil boss embodying a part of high school that so gaudily mashes flair and geekiness (and gets most of us cringing awfully when we look over our yearbooks). The escalation of her mech-weaponizing her band regalia was just exceedingly entertaining.

(Nonon’s voice-actress’ bucktooth lisp is just a hoot to listen to, as well - - even when I can’t tell what she’s saying. I’m dying to hear how the English dub’s going to handle that particular verbal tick).

Music might as well be the theme of this write-up, actually. See, to split hairs, I wasn’t as into Ryoko’s first duel, with the computer whiz, at first. It was just as clever and well-choreographed as the bout with Nonon, but honestly, it’s a victim of the pace that was set by Ryoko’s initial bout with the Gimp. Because that ran so long I was honestly a little fatigued to the whole premise by the time this guy started firing up his combat scanner.

Of course, once the rousing theme music fired up, it was impossible not to be swept up in the show again. It’s moments like that which make me wonder if our buttons are just that easy to push. “Oh, no… the audience isn’t digging the material. Quick! Cue the track!”

And then, completing our music theme today, Richie Branson has incidentally delivered, at last, a track that he’s been teasing us about for the past few weeks…

Slick, right? “I’m unapologetic, that’s just how I really feel” has got to my favorite line. I was really curious how Richie was going to address Ryoko’s… * AHEM *… sense of personal style.

Watch, I Want to Know More About You” and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode.

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Loved this episode! Loved this song!
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