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Anju Kitahara

Big Mama

A loving Guardian...


A former #1 Claymore that was killed many years ago after exceeding her yoki limit by her teammates. She was considered one of the eight most powerful Claymores and because of this she was revived along with Hysteria and Roxanne by Dae.


A assassin of the Black Organization who is a skilled sniper and is the partner of Korn.


Electra is an orphan since the destruction of her hometown, after which she is saved by captain Nemo and she is the First Officer of the 'Nautilus', fighting Gargoyle and the Neo-Atlanteans. Electra is deeply in love with Nemo, although she also burgeons a deep grudge from the destruction.

Grace O'Connor

A page describing Grace O'Connor.

Kasumi Tendo

The oldest Tendo sister in Ranma 1/2. She is the most domestic of the three sisters and handles almost all of the household cooking and cleaning in the Tendo household. Kasumi is also mildly oblivious to the world around her and greets everything with a cheery attitude.

Mitsuka Yoshimine

Mitsuka Yoshimine is a drop-dead gorgeous home room teacher, multilingual instructor and all-around exhibitionist.

Mizuho Kazami

She is Planet Inspector from the Galactic Federation.

Natsue Awayuki

Rune Venus

Shizuka Nekonome

A cat-woman teacher at Youkai Academy. She mostly educates Tsukune's class.


Yayoi Sanzenin

The school nurse and also a priest. Her devotion to look after Chitose is incredible. Often uses a Katana to scare positive effects out of Chitose.

Yukariko Sanada

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