Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service is an anime movie
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A young witch-in-training settles down in a small town and starts a delivery service to make use of her inherited broom. Before long she begins to make friends, but after a blow to her self-esteem, Kiki loses her powers. Can she get them back in time to save a friend?

Thirteen-year-old Kiki decides to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a witch, meaning she has to fly away from home and live for a year in a strange town. Accompanied only by her irascible black cat, Jiji, she heads for the seaside and finds the bustling harbor town of Koriko without its own witch. Finding a room at a kindly baker's, she discovers that her ability to fly on a broomstick is a marketable skill and begins delivering packages and messages. Despite minor mishaps and an often-ungrateful clientele, the freelance witch wins hearts all over town, particularly that of would-be pilot Tombo, who is smitten with her. A crisis of confidence causes Kiki to lose her ability to fly, but she regains it in time to save Tombo, who is trapped on a runaway airship. Writing to her mother, Kiki proudly calls Koriko her home.

Like My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki is a world without definable enemies or evil-prissy rich girls may sulk when they get a fish pie for their birthday, but it's hardly an offense, and the only crime the police investigate in the course of the film is a fake one (Tombo pretends he has been robbed). Everyone creates value in their own ways, from the silent baker who melts Kiki's heart with a witch-themed bread sculpture, to the kindly old dog who protects Jiji from a bratty child. Venerable oldsters sigh about how times have changed, but the young generation shouldn't cause them to despair-like Kiki and her artist friend Ursula, they are simply finding their way in their own lives and times.

Miyazaki's follow-up to Totoro leaves childhood behind and steps into the early teens in one of the most wonderful films ever made about growing up. Set in a neverwhere Europe that combines the look of Stockholm (where Miyazaki had been location hunting for the canceled 1971 Tokyo Movie Shinsha anime Pippi Longstocking) with the light of the Mediterranean, this utterly charming story is based on a book by Eiko Kadono, who also wrote the less well-known Cobby the Cute Little Cat. The original Kiki novel lacked both the crisis of faith and the airborne resolution, which were added for the screen adaptation, initially against the author's wishes. Miyazaki films his witch with the same love of flight that characterizes Nausicaä, with views and perspectives impossible from the ground. He imbues her with the independent spirit of Fio from Porco Rosso but does not shy from having a heroine who can catch cold, feel sorry for herself, and worry about her food budget. The result is arguably one of his best films, the seventh highest-grossing animated film at the Japanese box office, and a character who deserves to be the patron saint of freelancers, students, and motorcycle messengers.

Picked up by Buena Vista for U.S. distribution but not given a theatrical release, Kiki became one of the best-selling anime videos in America, trouncing Akira with sales topping a million. The U.S. dub featured Kirsten Dunst, Janeane Garofolo, and Phil Hartman freely improvising as Jiji in one of his last film roles. An earlier English dub, prepared by Carl Macek's Streamline Pictures for in-flight screenings on JAL transPacific flights, was included on the Japanese Laser Disc but never released in the U.S. The original title was pastiched in the live-action Japanese bicycle courier movie Messengers (2001), which went by the suspiciously similar name of Majo no Sokutei, or Witch's Courier Service, in its home country. A live-action movie adaptation of the original book of Kiki, with a script from Jeff Stockwell, is rumored to be forthcoming from Walt Disney Pictures.


Kiki - is a black haired 13 year old witch on a journey to find her own town and a place to become a true witch. She is a village girl so she is curious, kind, dreamy and a tad sensitive. She can get emotional at times but never likes to let others see her cry. She has her own black cat named Jiji. When she moves into her new town she has to overcome the disbelief she has in herself and make it into confidence.

Tombo- is a young smart boy Kiki meets in her new town. He has brown short hair and glasses. Tombo is a average neighborhood boy but with a keen sense to engineering. He is inspired by Kiki and even tries to fly to be with her.

Jiji - is Kiki's pet and guardian. He is a black cat with a much older personality then Kiki. He is usually the one to keep Kiki out of trouble even though he can barely keep himself out of trouble during the whole film.

Characters & Voice Actors

CharactersVoice actors
Takayama, Minami

Dunst, Kirsten
Sakuma, Rei

Hartman, Phil
Kopoli, Tombo
Yamaguchi, Kappei



TrackTitle / [English translation]Time
1Hareta Hi ni...
[On a Clear Day...]
3Umi no Mieru Machi
[A Town with an Ocean View]
4Sota Tobu Takkyuubin
[Flying Delivery Service]
5Pan-ya no Tetsudai
[Helping the Baker]
6Shigoto Hajime
[Starting the Job]
7Migawari Jiji
[Substitute Jiji]
9Ooisogashi no Kiki
[Very Busy Kiki]
10Paatii ni Maniawanai
[Late for the Party]
11Osono-san no Tanomigoto...
[Osono's Request]
12Puropera Jitensha
[Propeller Bicycle]
[I Can't Fly!]
14Shoushin no Kiki
[Heartbroken Kiki]
15Urusura no Koya he
[To Ursula's Cabin]
16Shimpi naru E
[A Mysterious Painting]
17Bou-Hikou no Jiyuu no Bouken Gou
[The Adventure of Freedom, Out of Control]
18Ojii-san no Dekki Burasshu
[The Old Man's Deck Brush]
19Dekki Burasshu de Rendezvous
[Rendezvous on the Deck Brush]
20Ryuuju no Dengon
[Message of Rouge]
(Opening Song by Yumi ARAI, movie edit)
21Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta nara
[If I've Been Enveloped by Tenderness]
(Ending Song by Yumi ARAI)

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hayao Miyazaki Director One of the most widely-recognized anime directors in Japan and probably the most well-known outside of Japan, Hayao Miyazaki is known for his whimsical films, created by the animation studio he co-founded, Studio Ghibli.
Akio Watanabe Animator A Japanese animator, character designer and animation director who often goes by the name Poyoyon Rock.

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General Information Edit
Name: Kiki's Delivery Service
Release Date: May 23, 1998
Name: 魔女の宅急便
Romaji: Majo no Takkyūbin
Release Date: July 29, 1989
Rating: G
Runtime: 102 (mins)
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Aliases Witch's Express Delivery
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