Kids is an anime episode of Serial Experiments Lain that was released on 08/10/1998

An image of Lain appears in the sky and children are raising their arms toward the image. Lain searches for the reason behind the strange happenings and finds Professor Hodgeson, the creator of KIDS. KIDS was an experiment that tried to gather psi energy from children and store it. The result of the project destroyed the children. Now it seems that the Knights have gotten hold of the project's schematics.

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Ryutaro Nakamura Director An animator and director, best known for directing Serial Experiments Lain, Kino's Journey and Ghost Hound.
Yoshitoshi Abe Original Concept
Chiaki J. Konaka Writer A writer known for the script to the shows Serial Experiments Lain and Digimon Tamers.


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