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One of the four basic forms of Shinigami combat.

Kidō also called "demon way" or "spirit way" is the ability to focus a shinigami's spiritual energy into magic spells and other abilities. There are three main types of Kidō spells, these are: Bakudō (Binding Spells), Hadō (Destructive Spells) and Healing spells which do not have names.

The spells are numbered from 1 - 99, The higher the number the more powerful a spell is. The spells require a chant which can take a few seconds to call out but skilled Kidō users can bypass this but the spells will be significantly weaker. The power of a spell depends on a user, even a weak spell used by a strong user can be devastating.

The Kidō Corps is a branch in soul society's military which excel in Kidō.

Bakudō / Way of Binding

Spell 1 Sai (塞, Restrain)

This low level spell locks a target's arm's beind their back. This can be seen done to Ichigo by Rukia in the first episode.

Spell 4 Hainawa (這縄, Crawling Rope)

This spell creates a energy rope which entangles a target's arms.

Spell 8 Seki (斥, Repulse)

This spell creates a round surface which repels and temprarily stuns whatever hits it.

Spell 9 Geki (撃, Strike)

This spell surrounds a target with a red light which completly paralizes them.

Spell 21 Sekienton (赤煙遁, Red Smoke Escape)

Creates a blast of smoke at the area where it is casted, much like how a Ninja's Smoke bomb works.

Spell 26 Kyakko (曲光, Curving Light)

This spell bends light causing the user to appear completly invisible, also masking their reiatsu and pressence, This was used by Momo Hinamori when she aided Matsumoto against Harribel's Fraccoin.

Spell 30 Shitotsu Sansen (嘴突三閃, Beak-Stab Triple Beam)

This spell creates a triangle of light with the users finger, which then fires the points of light and pins whatever area the light hits of a persons body to a surface such as a wall.

Spell 37 Tsuriboshi (吊星, Suspending Star)

This spell creates a safety net like structure made of spirit particles, it is shaped like a star and anchors into near by objects at each point. It is useful to catch people who are falling for example this is used by Momo Hinamori to catch an unconcious Matsumoto falling from the sky.

Spell 39 Enkosen (円閘扇, Arc Shield)

This spell gathers spirit energy together into the form of a yellow / orange barrier like shield.

Spell 58 Kakushitsuijaku (摑趾追雀, Summoning of the Tracking Sparrows)

This spell creates a blue circle of energy which is split into four sections, the circle can be used to track any sort of spiritual energy by slowly searching areas. This was used by Rukia to try track the bountos. This spell requires the user to draw or inscribe the outline on the ground before chanting the incantation to cause the circle to activate.

Spell 61 Rikujōkōrō (六杖光牢, Six Rods Prison of Light)

This spell creates six thing segments of spirit energy which lock around a target like a circle causing them to become completly imobalized, even parts of their body not struck by the energy can not move.

Spell 62 Hyapporankan (百歩欄干, Hundred Steps Fence)

This spell forms a large rod which is thrown at a target, in flight it will split into many smaller rods which will pin an enemy in place, this is used by Hisagi.

Spell 63 Sajo Sabaku (鎖条鎖縛, Locking Bondage Stripes)

This spell creates a set of golden chains which surround a target and pin his arms to his body. It is said that it is impossible to break out of with physical strength alone.

Spell 73 Tozanshō (落下クリスタルマウンテン, Falling Mountain Crystal)

This spell creates a upside down pyramid shaped protective barrier around the user and anyone near by, This was used by Kira to protect himself and Momo Hinamori and Matsumoto as he healed them.

Spell 75 Gochūtekkan (五柱鉄貫, Quintet of 1 kan Iron Pillars)

This spell summons five large pillars which are very thick and tall. They are connected by chains and are used to pin an enemy down to the ground.

Spell 77 Tenteikūra (天挺空羅, Heavenly Rickshaws in Silken Air)

This spell requires markings and inscriptions drawn on the users arms to activate. When activated it forms a blue square of energy which allows the user and anyone near the user to transmit a message mentally to anyone in an area the user chooses.

Spell 81 Danku (斷空, Splitting Void)

This spell creates a large energy like wall barrier, which can stop destructive spells of up to 89.

Spell 99 Part 1 Kin (禁, Seal)

This powerful spell summons a special spiritual fabric along with iron shafts which are wrapped around a target which pins them down. This was used by Hachigen on Kensei's Hollow Form.

Spell 99 Part 2 Bankin (卍禁, Great seal)

This is the strongest spell, first of all it wraps the target in a special spiritual fabric, It then impales them with special metal bolts and finally a giant spiritual cube crushes the target.

Hadō Way of Destruction

Spell 1 Shō (衝, Thrust)

This spell pushes a target away, much like Force Push from the Star Wars franchise.

Spell 4 Byakurai (白雷, Pale Lightning)

This spell fires out a powerful and concentrated blue / white lightning bolt from a users finger. This is seen used by Rukia and Byakuya.

Spell 11 Tsuzuri Raiden (製本雷, Bound Lightning)

This spell causes a yellow electrical current to flow through any object the user touches damaging anything it touches. This was used by Hisagi against Allon.

Spell 31 Shakkahō (赤火砲, Shot of Red Fire)

This spell fires a red ball of concentrated energy at a target, causing an explosion on contact. This is the most often seen spell and is used a lot by Momo Hinamori as well as Rukia.

Spell 33 Sōkatsui (蒼火墜, Blue Fire, Crash Down)

This spell fires a wide range of multiple powerful blue energy blasts which are much like spell 31 but hits a much wider range.

Spell 54 Haien (廃炎, Abolishing Flames)

This spell fires out a boomerang shaped blast of purple energy which will completly incinerate whatever it hits, this has been used by Tousan.

Spell 58 Tenran (闐嵐, Orchid Sky)

This spell fires out a tornado like blast at a target. This is seen used by Kira

Spell 63 Raikōhō (雷吼炮, Thunder Roar Cannon)

This spell fires down a large blast of a thunderbolts at a certain area and target.

Spell 73 Sōren Sōkatsui (双蓮蒼火墜, Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down)

This spell is basically a double version of spell 33. It fires two blasts at the same time which are much more potent.

Spell 88 Hiryugekizokushintenraiho (飛竜撃賊震天雷砲, Flying Dragon-Striking Heaven-Shaking Thunder Cannon)

This spell fires a massive blast of lightning which causes a truly huge explosion, the full power of this spell is unknown as it was countered by Aizens spell.

Spell 90 Kurohitsugi (黒棺, Black Coffin)

This spell creates a Black / Purple cube of energy around a target which traps them in it, It is then impaled by many Spears made of the same energy, much like the magician boxes with swords being inserted in them. This spell is used by Aizen

Forbidden and Uncategorized Spells

Jikanteishi (時間停止, Temporal Stasis)

This is one of the Forbidden spells, This spell causes a certain area to have its time stopped completly.

Kūkanten'i (空間転位, Spatial Displacement)

The two forbidden spells
The two forbidden spells

This is another of the Forbidden spells. This one can teleport a certain area of space to another, including anyone and any Kido active from the zone to where ever the user wishes. This along with Jikanteishi were both used by Tessai at the same time to teleport the vizards from the field back to Uruhara's room and to keep time stopped so the hollowfication did not spread anymore. The punishment for using these spells Caused Tessai to be Exiled from Soul Society.

Spell 12 Fushibi (伏火, Ambush Flare)

This spell was used along with a Kido net and Spell 31 by Momo Hinamori to cause a much larger explosion.

Hakufuku (白伏, White Crawl)

Hinamori casting the spell
Hinamori casting the spell
The Victim of the spell
The Victim of the spell

This spell causes the target to lose conciousness. When used the spell causes a purple haze like mist to appear and various leaf like particles to fly around the victim. This spell was used by Momo Hinamori when she was imprisoned to knock the guard out.

Garganta (黒腔, ガルガンタ; Garuganta; Spanish for "throat")

This spell is used to open up a passage to the hollow world of Hueco Mundo. The spell Rips open the dimentional fabric seperating the worlds. This then reveals a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway. This has been shown to be used by Tousen and Urahara as well as many members of the Espada. Certain other shinigami seem to be able to open one with technology

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Concept Name Kidō
Japanese Name: 鬼道
Romaji Name: Kidō
Aliases Kido.
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