Kidnapping Characters

Kidnapping is a anime/manga concept
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Ai is a young Lost Precious thief with werewolf-like abilities.


Akane is a citizen ot the Land of Water. He, along with a group of friends, bullied Inari but were saved by him when kidnapped by the remnants of Gato's gang.


Bolin is the brother of Mako and earthbender for the pro-bending team the Fire Ferrets.

Bowser The Koopa King

Bowser is the primary antagonist of Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers series, and Mario's archenemy. His plans mostly includes kidnapping Princess Peach and trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. With his trademark fire breath, nobody can stop the great Koopa King! He can also play sports during his free time.

Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive is the only child of the late Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive and owner of the Funtom company, a business that mainly sells toys/sweets. A supernatural/demonic contract binds him to Sebastian Michaelis, who promised Ciel revenge on those who ruined him in exchange for his soul.

Damesuke Marude

The cause of Problems in Foxy Nudes, after being laid off by his boss he seeks revenge by kidnapping his daughter Mayumi.


Furumori is a level 9 Breaker and Ai's master.


Son Gohan is a Saiyan/Human hybrid and the first son of ChiChi and Son Goku.


Goku is one of the last members of the Saiyan race, sent to Earth as a baby and raised among humans. As a powerful martial artist, he defends Earth against the aliens who come to destroy it.

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel are twin orphans from Romanian who were raised by violence to become sadistic killers for hire.

Haruka Touyama

Haruka Touyama is a 12 years precognitive targeted for her ability who ask a blind swordsman, employee of a vigilante organization, Mamoru Hijikata to protect her and says that he is her future husband.

Hiroshi Sato

Hiroshi Sato is an industrialist, creator of the vehicle known as the Satomobile and a supplier of the Equalists.

Houzuki Masaomi

A character in Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo.

Jewel Princess

One of the Honey's foes in the New Cutey Honey series. The Jewel Princess kidnaps beautiful girls who visit her shop and turns them into statutes to decorate her castle, after encountering Honey she becomes her new target.

Junpei Oribe

Kagome Higurashi

A cute and kind high school student who lives her life both in her own present and in the past, searching for the Shikon no Tama jewel shards with InuYasha.


The lord of a castle that was taken over by Devil Nagou and his gang. He was saved after Rushuna defeated Nagou.

Kiyomi Nagata

Kuroha Diana Shiratori

Kuroha Shiratori is the CEO of a modeling agency. She is also the serial killer dubbed Johnny Killer and Selecao Number XI.


Maetel is a character from the Galaxy Express 999 series who lives in the Capital of Rain.

Mayumi Wakabayashi

The Young girl at the center of the madness in Foxy Nudes.

Misa Amane

Misa is an actress/singer that came into possession of a Death Note. She developed a crush on Kira and devoted herself to his cause, even making a deal for Shimigami eyes (the ability to know anyone's name by looking at them) in exchange for half her lifespan.

Ms. Lyle

Sam's teacher who spends a lot of time with the Winchester family. There is more to her than meets the eye...

Ouko Yushima

Ouko Yushima is the creator of Reigai and Modified Souls.

Peach Toadstool

The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.


Goku's older brother in the Dragon Ball Z series. Came to Earth and kidnapped Gohan to blackmail Goku into joining him.


A young girl saved by Sesshomaru, and follows him around.

Rio Kamichika

A character from the Durarara series. Rio is classmate of Masaomi Kida and discovers her father is cheating on her mother and starts having thoughts about suicide.


A wild Tarzan-like man living on Sakezan Continent.

Saki Morimi

Saki Morimi is a university student who stumbles upon a naked Akira Takizawa during her senior trip to Washington DC.


Sakura is Tetsugoro Hoshino's wife in the Galaxy Express 999 series.

Sayu Yagami

She is Light Yagami's sister and cares for him.

Shiori Akino

Light's girlfriend in the first Death Note live-action movie.

Shosetsu Yoi

A writer on Mirage who aspires to set the record for writing longest novel in the universe and challenging the limits on how long a man can grow his hair.


Spiral is a screwmaker living on Ulatre.


The happy-go-lucky servant of the Kirishiki family.


Yasuyo Hashiguchi

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