Kidnapped! Naruto's Hot Spring Adventure!

Kidnapped! Naruto's Hot Spring Adventure! is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 08/18/2004
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Search for Tsunade Arc (Filler)

Kidnapped! Naruto's Hot Spring Adventure! - ナルトの湯けむり珍道中 (Naruto no yukemuri chin dōchū)

Tsunade, Naruto, and the others start heading back to the Leaf Village where Tsunade will formally become the Fifth Hokage. At Tsunade's urging, they stop at a town with hot springs.


Opening Theme-

"GO!!!" by FLOW

None of the events from this episode happened in the original manga story.

Naruto is back on the way home to the Hidden Leaf Village now that he's fund Tsunade and hes agreed to become he Fifth Hokage. Though, she wants to drop by a local hot spring town first. Shizune reads in a guide book that it's called the Yunosato Hot Spring. Naruto says they should head straight home, and Jiraiya agrees. Tsunade though is able to tempt Jiraiya by telling him it has a lot beautiful women and mixed baths. Now heading on their way to the hot springs, two figures in the distance hide as they hold a picture of Tsunade.

Naruto jumps into the spring, but Jiraiya is far from thrilled how it's just him and Naruto. Outside, Shizune and Tsunade are wearing yukatas to go gambling. She'd rather not be in the hot spring with Jiraiya.

A little while later, Naruto has finished, but Jiraiya plans to stay. Not till some girls arrive. When Naruto returns to the room, he finds it's been ransacked. He quickly checks his backpack, but the First Hokage's necklace he got from Tsunade is missing. There is a sign posted on the wall that reads, "If you want the necklace back, give back the money.". It's signed from the Akagi Gang, but he doesn't know what money they're talking about. At the hot spring, a lot f girls came, but they are all flame monkeys. Sighing, he wishes to bathe with people.

Naruto shows up there the ransom note demanded, and the two men who were following Tsunade appear from behind the trees. Confused, they ask why he's there. One hols out the necklace wondering if they made a mistake of who the owner was. Seeing the evidence, Naruto rushes to attack, creating Shadow Clones At the hot springs, a lot of people showed up, but this time it's a lot of sumo men. He sighs he wants to bathe with a lot of women.

Naruto has got the necklace back, and learns these two men named Senta and Bunzo are debt collectors trying to get money back from Tsunade. they hand him the I.O.U. and he's shocked at the number of zeros. These men have been searching for Tsunade for three years and can't return to their families until they have collected the debt for their boss. Bunzo asks Naruto to talk to her about replying her debt.

Tsunade is in a pachinko parlor and has already lost. Shizune suggests now they should head back for a bath, but Tsunade asks Shizune to bring her bag in from the front desk. Witha scary face, she demands Shizune return her bag, and she runs out to claim it. As Tsunade sits own, someone she knows approaches her. At the hot spring, a lot of women have showed up to the baths, but they are a lot of old women. He cries out he was hoping for younger and more titillating women.

At the hot spring inn, Shizune gets the bag when worker hands her a note for Tsunade. Shocked by it's content, Shizune rushes off with the bag to find Tsunade. She returns to the panchinko parlor but can't find her. She tries to ask Tonton to track her down, but he can't seem to find her scent. Shizune realizes the sulfur form the hot spring is throwing off his nose. They both start running through the street and calling her name. Later, she still hasn't found her and they are both exhausted from running all over. reading the note once more, it reads the Akagi Gang has abducted Naruto. If they want him back unharmed Tsuande needs to return the money she owes. Shizune is worried about Naruto and if it's discovered the huge debts that Tsunade has. She might not be able to become the next hokage. She settles on handling this herself.

Naruto helps trick Tsunade by pretending to be kidnapped
Naruto helps trick Tsunade by pretending to be kidnapped

At the three cedar trees, Naruto is tied up to the tree as part of the plan to help these guys out. Senta calls out when he sees Tsunade approaching. They tell her to repay her debt in full or Naruto will be harmed. He does poor job of pretending to be afraid. Tsunade only says that his life isn't that important to her. The Akagi guys and Naruto are shocked at that answer. At the hot spring, the hot spring is jam packed with female monkeys, fat sumos, and elderly ladies. Frustrated, Jiriaya prays for patience.

At the cedar trees, Tsunade tells the Akagi gang that she doesn't care about Naruto's life. After Naruto yells at her as an old hag. Her tone changes and she says that was something she would of said a while back. When she's hokage, he'll be an important subordinate. Saying this is all she has on her, she grabs her wallet and tosses it on the ground. Bunzo checks the contents and it seemed filled with ryo. He tosses it in the air and slices it with his sword. It turns to smoke and leaves, and exposed as a fake wallet filled with money. She fires off needles from her mouth, rushes in, and takes them down with a single strike. As she starts to untie Naruto, he tries to explain they can't go home until they have been paid. She realizes that Naruto was in on the trick and he's determined to force her to pay it back. Naruto disappears in a puff of smoke, along with Senta and Bunzo. All three were Naruto Shadown Clones, but this Tsuande isn't what she appears either. She is actually Shizune using the Transformation Justu. Naruto is in the distance watching with the Akagi Gang. Asking what they should now do, Naruto tells them that Tsunade carries around a big briefcase that's sure to have money inside.

At the hot spring inn, Naruto and Akagi gang spy on Tsunade in her room. Seeing the case, Naruto has a plan. Shizune enters Tsunade's room and picks up the case, claiming to take it to the front desk for safe keeping. She runs out to the Akagi gang and changes back into Naruto. As they celebrate, a fishing line swoops in and grabs the case away. In frustration, Naruto yells out that is she's the hokage that she should pay back her debts the way a hokage should. He throws a kunai when she's not looking and cuts the line with a kunai. He grabs the bag and tosses it to the Akagi gang. Bunzo grabs it and he tells them to run for it. Running through the street, Tsuande gives chase. Naruto punches at her to slow her down, and to his surprise he hits her. Though, in a puff of smoke, it's revealed this was Tonton, the pet pig, transformed to look like Tsuande. From the other end of the street, Tsuande comes rushing toward them. He gets the case and tells them to run. Naruto creates several Shadow Clones with suit cases and they scatter. Though, Shizune, in the disguise of Tsunade, makes just as many Shadow Clones to chase each one down throughout the city.

Elsewhere, the real Tsunade is enjoying herself with an old friend. A man enters with an important message for his boss. Naruto is still running from Shizune's Shadow Clones of Tsunade. She catches him and with a punch he turns to smoke. Her clones just keep catching clones of Naruto. After narrowing down the pack, the clones gather together and spots another Naruto. He's now being chased by a horde of Tsuandes. Bunzo and Senta are find them and try to catch up. Finally, she catches Naruto with the bag. As he struggles to get free, the case pops open. Senta grabs the wallet, but all that inside are sheets of many I.O.U.s. As Shizune tries sneaking away, the real Tsunade appears. She demands to know what Shizune is been doing, and she finally releases her Transformation Justu. The man with Tsuande asks if Senta and Bunzo are with the Akagi Gang. They recognize him as Boss Jirocho. He knows their names and has a message for them.

It comes to a shock to everyone that Tsunade payed her debt back to Akagi Gang a year ago. Shizune forgot all about that time when they were in the Akagi's territory a year ago. Jirocho reads them part of the message he recently received. It's from their boss telling them to return home.

The Akagi Gang returns to their home, and Naruto, Tsunade, Shizune, and Tonton leave for the Hidden Leaf Village. Naruto is confused why Shizune wanted the case back so badly if there wasn't money inside. She tells him that she was worried that Tsunade wouldn't be accepted as Hokage if it was discovered how much debt she had. Tsuande laughs it off that debt and hokage are unrelated. Naruto doesn't see a problem since the money was payed back. Shizune mumbles that just the Akagi gang debt was paid. before Naruto could ask, Tsunade just laughs it off. Tonton starts to call out, and she asks what they forgot. Back at the hot spring, beautiful young women enter the spring, but they run off screaming when they see Jiraiya floating as if he's dead and red all over. Delirious from the heat, all he can think about is that young girls have arrived as he sinks into the water.

Points of Interest

  • This episode is a precursor to the five episode Land of Tea filler arc that runs from Episode 102-106.

Ending Theme-

"Ryusei (流星)" by Tia

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
Naruto UzumakiShadow Clone Justu
Transformation Jutsu
ShizuneTransformation Justu
Shadow Clone Jutsu

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