Kid Samurai

Kid Samurai is an anime episode of Rurouni Kenshin that was released on 01/17/1996

While Kenshin is washing clothes and entertaining Dr. Gensai's grandchildren, Kaoru is frustrated because none of her old students are coming back nor is she getting any new students. The children and Dr. Gensai declare they are hungry, so Kaoru tells Kenshin to treat them to lunch. On their way to the Akabeko steakhouse, Kenshin spots a kid pickpocket someone and return it. Seeing this, Kenshin praises the boy for being kind and gets dragged away by Kaoru. Annoyed by this, the kid then pickpockets Kenshin, but gets caught by Kaoru. Kenshin gives his wallet to the kid and tells him not to get caught next time. The kid throws the wallet at Kenshin's head and declares he's not a kid, but comes from a family of samurai and that his name is Yahiko Myojin. Kenshin apologizes and Yahiko runs off.

During lunch Kenshin and Kaoru talk about Yahiko. The waitress hears them talking about him and tells them about how after Yahiko's parents died they had a large debt to the Yakuza, and now Yahiko is forced to pickpocket to pay off the debt. Kaoru becomes outraged by this and charges off for the Yakuza hideout.

When Yahiko returns to the hideout he gets beat for coming back empty handed. He is threatened that if he ever comes back without anything again that he will have his fingers cut off. It is revealed that the gang just made some loaded dice and they plan to con people out of money with them. Without warning Kaoru opens the door and knocks one of the members out with her shinai (bamboo sword). They make a deal that if she can win a game of dice that they will let Yahiko go. Unknowing that the dice are rigged, Kaoru accepts. Yahiko runs to her and begs for her to rethink her decision, but she tells him that she has incredibly strong luck and starts. The dealer rolls the dice and Kaoru calls odds. Surprisingly the dice come out odd, which they shouldn't have, which gives Kaoru the win.

She begins to leave with Yahiko, but the dice roller finds that the dice have been replaced. The Yakuza attack Yahiko, and Kaoru manages to fend off a few with her shinai, but the leader slices it in half with his sword. Defeated, they are dragged into a room with the Yakuza boss, who tells Yahiko about how the debt never existed and how it was made up just to keep him as a slave for the rest of his life. Hearing this, Yahiko kicks his captor in the groin and says he won't let anyone insult his parents. The man with the sword pulls back to cut Yahiko down, but is interrupted by Kenshin. Kenshin gets attacked by the man with the sword, but Kenshin just slams him with the pommel of his sword which knocks the man into the ceiling. The boss sees Kenshin for who he is and lets them go.

Later, Yahiko declares that he wants to be strong so that he doesn't need Kenshin's help again. Kenshin tells him to become stronger and learn Kamiya Kasshin style swordsmanship. Yahiko is upset because Kenshin wants him to learn from an "ugly" woman. The episode ends with Kaoru chasing Yahiko and narrating that her dojo has gained a new student.

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Kazuhiro Furuhashi Director
Noriyuki Asakura Music


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