Kibitsu Momoka

Kibitsu Momoka is a anime/manga character in the Sket Dance franchise
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Kibitsu Momoka is a character that appeared on Sket Dance. She claimed herself as Onihime, a legendary gangster, but later surrenders to Himeko, the real Onihime. Later, she rises and becomes a superstar singer and actress.


Momoka is the leader of her gang. She and the three girls appear as an arrogant group. She claimed herself as the real Onihime where she described it as a girl who carry a baseball bat as her weapon, blonde haired, and have a cigarette on her mouth. Although when she kidnapped Himeko, she was later defeated by her, and learned that Himeko is the real Onihime. She usually described as a weak girl with a cute face who can't even hurt a fly.


Momoka was created by Kenta Shinohara for the Manga Sket Dance. She first appears in Sket Dance volume 1 and episode 3. She was later voiced by Marina Inoue on the Anime Sket Dance.



Momoka with her fake cigarette
Momoka with her fake cigarette

Momoka is a young attractive girl with a cute face and often blushing when people says she has a cute face. She has a tangerine blonde hair and wearing a basic Nikk ō High School uniform. She mostly seen carrying a Baseball bat and a cigarette on her mouth. Although it wasn't a real cigarette and said to be kind of peppermint flavored.


Momoka trying to hit Himeko
Momoka trying to hit Himeko

Momoka initially appears as a ruthless and cruel person. Although she has a weak personality and appears as a cute faced girl who can't even fight fair and square. She often seen blushing whenever people call her cute face. She also claimed herself as the legendary Onihime, apparently to hide her weakness. after her defeat to Himeko, her mood lightens up, and becomes more reserved, friendlier and calmer. during her puppet show performance, she confesses that her bullying was due to her having trouble making friends, and that she was thankful Himeko, Bossun and Switch for being friends with her.

Major Story Arc

Legend of the Onihime Arc

Momoka facing Himeko
Momoka facing Himeko

Himeko was told by Chiaki that there's been rumors that Onihime has causing troubles in the town. Inui, Sarukawa, and Kijima surround Himeko and beat her up. Momoka, who is the leader of the gang showed up in front of Himeko and tied her up at the tree in the park. She turned angry and embarrassed when Himeko says she has such a cute face, this may happens a lot when people also said it to her.

When Himeko's Cellphone rang, she told Sarukawa to give her the phone and speak to Bossun. She told him that she has kidnapped Himeko. She also mentioned Himeko that Onihime means Violence and Strength. She described to her about Onihime is a blond with cigarette, carrying a baseball bat. When she was about to hurt Himeko, Bossun then tracked Momoka's whereabouts and finally manage to catch up with them and rescue Himeko. Bossun gave her the pelolin and her weapon, Cyclone.

Himeko told her that "Onihime" doesn't smoking and don't carry a baseball bat as her weapon. Momoka got shocked after seeing Himeko turned angry and scared. Himeko then gave them 1 sec to ran before she changed her mind. After the problem has solved, Momoka and her friends are seen hanging out at the Sket Dan's clubroom and admiring Himeko.

Request: Kindergarten Performance

Momoka's Puppet
Momoka's Puppet

When Sket Dan challenged by Tsubaki, Bossun decided to make a Snow White's Drama. Momoka was assigned as a narrator because of her good voice as she told by Bossun. When the goods are all destroyed, it was seen that the only they have is only the puppets and Bossun decided to change plan. She also losing hopes and decided to disappear but later changing minds.

As the are arrived at the place to perform, Roman, Shinzou, and Reiko are leaving and entrust the rest. The Sket Dan then decided to perform a puppet shows where they're using a puppet with Momoka's look with yellow horns. Momoka still narrating the show and telling the story about her life where she has no friends at all.

The sad story reflected her life and real deal she faced lately. Himeko's Puppet also take roles where she narrated by Himeko. Momoka, who used the play to confess her emotions, burst into tears at the end, and was comforted by Himeko. She and the whole gang then cheered up as usual with the Sket Dan.

Momoka's Seiyuu Aspirations Arc

Little Princesses Arc

Lil' Momoka and Hime
Lil' Momoka and Hime

When Momoka comes over to visit, she asks Sket Dan to help her get back to the innocent feeling of being a child for her character. At first, Bossun and the others play games with her to reenact the feeling. After a long day, Momoka and Hime drink some cola which is the same cola that shrink Bossun to a child. Hime and Momoka get into a lot of trouble such as making Sasuke's head spin. Bossun takes them to the store to buy seaweed for Chuuma's antidote. On the way, Hime and Momoka have to chase a cat that stole the seaweed. After Hime and Momoka catch the cat and land in a trunk, Bossun rescues them and they cried on Bossun's shoulders. At school, Momoka and Hime drink the antidote and instead age up to 27.

Turned The Crank-Nyora Arc

Powers and Abilities

Brute Strength

Although Hime is stronger than Momoka, she can hurt others with her baseball bat. Throughout her past, she beat up others to boost her self esteem and earn the "Onihime" title.

Beautiful Voice

Unlike her reputation, Momoka has a beautiful face and according to Bossun, she has a voice of an actress. After performing a puppet show for the kindergarten children, she gets asked by the teacher to try out auditioning for anime. She gets into the Yankee anime.

Other Media

None so far.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Censorship: In the manga (volume 1), Kibitsu Momoka actually smokes a real cigarette. Due to the law that prohibits portraying young characters from smoking or doing drugs, the anime (episode 3) has Kibitsu sucking a cigarette candy.
Voiced by
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Marina Inoue
General Information Edit
Name: Kibitsu Momoka
Name: 吉備津 百香
Romanji: Kibitsu Momoka
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Sket Dance #1
1st anime episode: Sket Dance #3
1st anime movie:
Aliases Onihime
Cute Face
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Attractive Female
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