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Ki is considered to be life force or life energy. Often in Japanese anime and manga, exceptional martial artists are able to harness the Ki for various superhuman feats. It is also referred to as Chi or Qi in Chinese.

In Dragon Ball

Ki is the life force or energy that every being in the Dragon Ball Universe possesses. Although only a few beings are capable of actually harnessing ki in order to accomplish superhuman feats such as flight and the projection of energy blasts. Ki can also be described as a being's "fighting power" as it is necessary for the progression of a fighter's strength. Ki is a force that dwells inside a living being and it is usually said that it's main focus is in the center of one's body. Ki is extremely important in the Dragon Ball Universe as it is necessary for the use of many incredible supernatural martial arts techniques. Usually if a being has a more concentrated source of ki within them, it takes longer to release it and use it in combat.

In Negima

is one of the pillars of the ancient Chinese magic system. It is both the element which composes all things in existence, and the energy which moves them. It is extremely close to the Western magic concept of prime essences; however, there is a greater emphasis on it being an energy. Ki, as an energy, is similar to the concept of Prana found in Indian philosophy. Ki was born from the chaos before Creation; when Qi and the chaos mixed, ‘time’ was born. Over time, the Ki began to divide. Heavier Ki sunk and formed the ‘Earth’, while lighter Ki rose and formed the ‘Sky’; in other words, On and Myou. As Qi both composes and is the energy for all things in existence, thoughts developed to put it to practical use by taking it in proactively. One such method is training Kouki, improving the flow of Ki; by using this unique method of breathing to take in Ki into one’s own body, it was an attempt to gain immortality. Another method, Douin, circulates the Ki in the body with gentle bodily movements, a training to preserve the mind and body.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Ki
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name: Ki
Aliases Chi
1st manga book: Dragon Ball #1
1st anime episode: Dragon Ball #7
1st anime movie: Fist of the North Star: The Movie
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